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  1. Funnies
    Gunz & Bunz: Sandwich Shop Name of the Year, or Just a Front?The place appears to have been open a while, but the Yelpers are too scared to go in, and so are we.
  2. Back of the House
    Behind the Crazily Fast-Paced Line at Bakesale BettyThey pump out about five of those fried chicken sandwiches per minute.
  3. WTF
    Does Willie Brown Have a Secret Endorsement Deal With Subway?He keeps name-checking Subway, and today names their Italian sub as one of this three favorite dishes in town. Does he think no one finds this fishy?
  4. Sandwichland
    Regarding Grilled Cheese, and the Relative Merits of Griddling or PressingOr, there’s the convection oven method, used by American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.
  5. Openings
    Check Out the New Deli Board, Now With Actual Storefront and SeatingSee our slideshow of the new, full-fledged sandwich shop in SoMa.
  6. Previews
    The Melt to Serve You QR-Coded Sandwiches By Next WeekThe first of 500 nationwide locations opens at 115 New Montgomery next week.
  7. Openings
    Giordano Bros. Already Softly Open in the Mission, Officially Open This WeekendThey may be open as early as Thursday night.
  8. Sandwichland
    Look Out Mission Sandwich Hounds: Giordano Brothers NearsThe North Beach-based sandwich shop’s second location, in the former Ti Couz, could be open any day now.
  9. Sandwichland
    A Great Jewish Deli in Bernal?Bernalwood says Paulie’s Pickling has “some of the finest Jewish deli sandwiches and sides one is likely to find this side of Crown Heights.”
  10. Sandwichland
    Deli Board to Open Actual Sandwich Shop in SoMaThe much loved sandwich kitchen is going brick and mortar.
  11. Lists
    Who Makes the Best Porchetta Sandwich in the Land?Cooking with the Single Guy does a survey.
  12. Sandwichland
    Regarding the Best Sandwich Spots in North Beach
  13. Sandwichland
    Daniel Patterson’s Porky Sandwiches Cross the BayThe tiny Jackson Place Cafe on Battery and Jackson will start serving Porky’s porchetta sandwiches starting today.
  14. Previews
    Giordano Brothers to Feature Pierogis, Sandwiches, Seven Huge-Screen TVs inThe Pittsburgh-inspired sandwich place cum sports bar is aiming for a late August opening.
  15. Empire Building
    Ike’s Empire Grows Anew This Weekend in Redwood CityThe latest location, Ike’s 4th, is in Redwood City.
  16. Actually Pretty Awesome
    Actually Pretty Awesome: Uncle’s Chicken Curry Tacos at Juhu Beach ClubThey’re only available on Tuesdays!
  17. Empire Building
    Ike’s Expanding to Berkeley, Partnering with Original SoupMan?The new spot would be on Bancroft Way, right next to Cal’s campus.
  18. Lists
    Eat Your Weight In Porchetta in the East BayThe one to beat is still Roli Roti.
  19. Sandwichland
    East Bay Sandwich Watch: Bull Testicles at Cato’s, and a Fried TofuHodo actually created a special new tofu for the sandwich that’s brined, called Savory Tofu.
  20. Sandwichland
    Ti Couz To (Possibly) Become a Chain Sandwich ShopA new piece in the Ti Couz shutter puzzle.
  21. Sandwichland
    Behold the Shrimp ‘Po’Bhai’ at Juhu Beach ClubThe pop-up lunch place is now doing dinner!
  22. Reopenings
    Saigon Sandwich Has Reopened!All clean and ready to serve you.
  23. Reopenings
    Ike’s Reopens, Starts Filming a Reality Series, NIMBYs Already LosingThey started filming a pilot for a Discovery Channel series this morning, and an irate neighbor already stormed in to blame Ike for the car blocking her driveway.
  24. Sandwichland
    Ike’s Place Finally Making the Move to Its Permanent Digs This WeekendIke’s is making the move to 3489 16th Street as of tomorrow or Sunday.
  25. Temporary Closings
    Updated: What Is Up at Saigon Sandwich?Update: They had a bad health inspection, but they’ll reopen next week.
  26. Quote of the Day
    Bun Mee Owner Used to Be a Lawyer“Opening a restaurant is way harder than getting a law degree.”
  27. Trends
    Transplanted East Coasters Slinging Strombolis, Italian Heros, and More in theTrend alert!
  28. Openings
    Bun Mee Already Softly Open, Officially Opens FridayIn addition to banh mi, they’ve got salad rolls, and rice bowls.
  29. Sandwichland
    What to Eat at Jersey’s On 6th, a New Sandwich Spot Just Open in theSee the full menu at the new east-coast-style shop specializing in roast beef and pastrami.
  30. Sandwichland
    Opening Soon: Bun MeeThis new Pac Heights banh mi place should be open by month’s end.
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Southie Opens, Reserve a Super Bowl Seat at Public House, and MoreAlso, La Boulange brings its 10th location to Union Square.
  32. Sandwichland
    Wood Tavern Owners to Open Sandwich Shop in Rockridge
  33. Sandwichland
    Naked Lunch Still Too Fancy for Tourists
  34. Funnies
    Only in the Tenderloin
  35. Reopenings
    BREAKING: Ike’s Is Reborn in the Castro, at LimeThey’ll be sharing space with Castro lounge Lime, which has a popular brunch. Things might become complicated.
  36. Previews
    Coming Soon to the ’Loin: Four Seasons CaféA new banh mi shop (probably) is moving in across from the Phoenix.
  37. Closings
    Ike’s Place to Close, For Real This Time, TonightIke’s Place is throwing a party tonight, and will be closed as of tomorrow.
  38. Sandwichland
    BREAKING: Ike’s Almost Shutters, Gets Last Minute StayThe beloved, much hyped sandwich shop has to vacate by 6 a.m. tomorrow.
  39. Sandwichland
    Sandwich Addict 911! Ike’s May Finally Have to Vacate on August 26The uber-popular Castro sandwich shop has to relocate, and fast.
  40. Sandwichland
    Baker & Banker Bakery and Sandwich Shop to Open on SundayAround the corner from the restaurant, at the kitchen’s back door, Lori Baker will begin selling her baked goods and sandwiches this weekend.
  41. Sandwichland
    The San Francisco Sandwich RegisterWe highlight 50 of our Bay Area favorites.
  42. Openings
    Scenes From Opening Day at Bakesale Betty, the SequelBakesale Betty 2 arrives today at Broadway and West Grand in Oakland.
  43. Sandwichland
    Baker & Banker Soon to Add a Walk-Up Sandwich CounterThe restaurant’s permit for a separate bakery/cafe entrance is up for approval this week.
  44. Health Concerns
    Injunction Sought for Sandwich MakerPersistent unsanitary conditions and the discovery of a strain of mono among feds’ complaints against Oakland sandwich company.
  45. Sandwichland
    Get Your Banh Mi Delivered in High StyleFashionist blogger takes on a second career as a sandwichist.
  46. Sandwichland
    Valley Sandwich CrawlThis way to The Valley’s, and maybe L.A.’s, best sandwich imports
  47. Sandwichland
    Bear Knocks Man Down, Steals His SandwichWho’s the real hero here?
  48. Sandwichland
    Tortally Ridiculous: GQ Details Says Torta MayAnd Los Dados is the best New York contender?
  49. Sandwichland
    Bánh Mì Buzz: Today in Asian SandwichesBánh Mì 172 opens, the bánh mì cart moves, and Num Pang hits Twitter.
  50. Sandwichland
    Bánh-UpsmanshipThe strangest turn yet in the bánh mì trend.
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