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  1. Beef
    Bourdain and Batali vs. the Food Network, Take 1,002Bourdain is ripping on FN personalities once again, but this time he has a different target.
  2. Beef
    Tony Tony TonyForget McCain comparing Obama to Britney Spears. Bourdain sees some of her in Sandra Lee.
  3. NewsFeed
    The Food Network Wants You, No Matter Who You AreAre you bald, ill-tempered, sweaty, and have a propensity to throw knives? Or perhaps a well-groomed blonde with lots of oomph and a firm grasp of supermarket products? Do you like butter? Then there may be a place for you on the Food Network, whose wide net is being cast this Monday as they trawl for “The Next Food Network Star.” Tryouts will be held at Food Network Studios at Chelsea Market, September 17, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  4. Beef
    In Defense of Rachael Ray and the Food NetworkAnthony Bourdain’s smackdown of the Food Network stars on Michael Ruhlman’s blog — in which the chef calls Sandra Lee “pure evil” and Paula Deen and drag queen Divine lookalikes, among other things — caused quite a stir the other day. Readers cheered Tony, and jumped on the Food Network with both feet. “But will the Food Network listen? Not likely,” Ruhlman lamented in a follow-up post. To him, the reason is obvious: Americans (other than his readers) are sheeple, shuffling Philistines who celebrate Rocco DiSpirito and Rocco Siffredi alike. “America is a mediocrity factory, and the Food Network is no different from any other business trafficking in cheap goods,” Ruhlman sighs. As opposed to trafficking in cheap shots — that’s Ruhlman’s specialty.