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  1. q&a
    Why San Francisco’s Top Restaurant Critic Is Resigning After Just Four Years“I had one year of normal restaurant-critic stuff, then everything went to shit.”
  2. vax mandate
    Here’s Another Reason to Be Happy In-N-Out Never Opened in New YorkThe chain is at the center of another vaccine-mandate controversy.
  3. rip
    Cecilia Chiang, the Restaurateur Who Changed Chinese Food in America, Has DiedShe opened the Mandarin in 1961, introducing this country to dishes that are now ubiquitous.
  4. coronavirus
    San Francisco Caps How Much Delivery Services Can Charge RestaurantsMayor London Breed says the move will help restaurants survive the coronavirus crisis.
  5. the grub street diet
    Reporter Mike Isaac Orders Illicit Pizza“Immediately, the regulars in the bar narked us out.”
  6. environmental concerns
    San Francisco Cafés Are Dropping Disposable CupsThis is exactly how the anti-plastic straw movement began.
  7. closings
    April Bloomfield Suddenly Closes San Francisco’s Historic Tosca CafeBut it’s not gone for good.
  8. the grub street diet
    Chef Gabriela Cámara Has Breakfast Strategies“I just think of having a bigger breakfast when I have more time: It’s tactical.”
  9. the other critics
    Is Chez Panisse a Good Restaurant or What?The celebrated restaurant gets reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle’s brand-new critic.
  10. interviews
    Meet Soleil Ho, America’s Newest Restaurant CriticHo takes over at the San Francisco Chronicle after the previous critic held the job for 30-plus years.
  11. the other critics
    The San Francisco Chronicle Names Soleil Ho Its New Restaurant CriticShe succeeds Michael Bauer, who retired earlier this year.
  12. awards
    Dominque Crenn’s San Francisco Restaurant Awarded 3 Michelin StarsShe’s the first female chef in America to earn three stars.
  13. sexual harassment
    After Ken Friedman Allegations, His SF Restaurant Will Lose Its Chef and ManagerThe two reportedly tried to purchase the restaurant after the first allegations emerged.
  14. robots
    Robots Still Suck at Making LattesCafe X’s $25,000 machine can crank out 120 visually underwhelming craft coffees per hour.
  15. sexual harassment
    A Disgraced Chef Is Actually Selling His RestaurantAn employee and her husband will take over Oakland’s Boot & Shoe Service.
  16. sexual harassment
    This Restaurant Says It’s Devised a Foolproof Way to Combat Customer HarassmentUnder Homeroom’s color-coded alert system in San Francisco, it’s “ceased to be a problem.”
  17. opening soon
    J. Kenji López-Alt’s Beer Hall Is Set to Open Soon — and They’re Hiring CooksIt’s easily one of the most exciting restaurant openings in the entire country.
  18. sexual harassment
    Celebrity Chef’s Accusers Speak Out Publicly to Force Him Out of Restaurants“This process has been terrifying … but we will not be intimidated.”
  19. sexual harassment
    A Celeb Chef Was Accused of Assault — Now Staff Demands He Sell His RestaurantsIn a letter, they write that his continued ownership “tarnishes the reputations of your employees.”
  20. sexual harassment
    Four Barrel Coffee Owners Say They’ll Turn the Business Over to EmployeesThe move follows accusations of sexual harassment against founder Jeremy Tooker.
  21. sexual harassment
    Four Barrel Coffee Owner Accused of Sexual Assault by Multiple EmployeesWomen are taking him to court, too.
  22. sexual harassment
    Bay Area Chef Accused of Sexual Harassment by 17 EmployeesThey say Charlie Hallowell had a “constant need to talk about sex or anything sexual.”
  23. souvlakis on a plane
    Michelle Obama Writes Exceptional Thank-You Note to Local Greek Restaurant“It made our long flight home so much more enjoyable.”
  24. food business
    Chef Says Running a Food-Hall Stand Was ‘Absolutely Soul-Crushing’Food halls were hailed as the future of restaurants. Now, operators are struggling to make the model work.
  25. california wildfires
    Chef Dominique Crenn Will Deliver Food to California Wildfire Victims TodayThe chef is asking San Franciscans to help her and her employees make sandwiches this morning.
  26. lawsuits
    Federal Court Says San Francisco Can’t Require Health Warnings on Soda AdsJudges asked why the label isn’t on products with “equal or greater amounts” of sugar.
  27. Of Course Silicon Valley Got a $600-a-Head Wagyu SteakhouseHiroshi’s steaks come with flavorless gold leaf purely “for show.”
  28. edibles
    A Californian Is Making Pot-Infused Farm-to-Table Olive OilPot d’Huile combines the “spirit” of West Coast locavores with the “needs” of cannabis users.
  29. bans
    San Francisco Schools Ban Students From Drinking Chocolate MilkThe city’s school district has found a new way to reduce students’ sugar intake.
  30. the grub street diet
    Writer Rachel Khong Is ‘Probably 50 Percent Pho’“I’m getting my photo taken for this article at Pho Tan Hoa, my regular pho spot in the Tenderloin, so you might even call it a pho-to.”
  31. refugees
    This New Coffee Shop Is Staffed Entirely by RefugeesThe aim is to give job training to people who’d otherwise have nothing.
  32. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing All Sorts of New Gourmet FoodYay?
  33. the machines
    Get Ready for the Robo-Barista RevolutionAutomated coffee maker Cafe X has landed in San Francisco.
  34. the end is near
    3-Michelin-Starred American Restaurant Now Serving Food on Actual iPadsSan Francisco’s Quince is plating a dish on a video of a truffle hunt.
  35. soda taxes
    Voters Decisively Passed Soda Taxes in 4 More U.S. CitiesSugary drinks took a big hit in the Bay Area and Boulder.
  36. crime scene
    Celeb Chef Michael Chiarello Booked on Suspicion of DUI and Drug PossessionHe says he intends to “vigorously challenge” the misdemeanor charges.
  37. soda taxes
    Michael Bloomberg Has Reportedly Spent $18 Million Supporting a Soda TaxHe’s almost dropped as much as the entire soda industry.
  38. A New Report Finds New York City Really Is Too Expensive for RestaurantsIt’s not just the rent, it’s everything.
  39. dire straits
    Tech Companies Are Ruining Silicon Valley’s Restaurants“Restaurants as we know them will no longer exist here in the near future.”
  40. worker pay
    Report Finds San Francisco Massively Underpays Minority Restaurant WorkersWhite workers on average earn $6.12 more per hour, the worst disparity in the country.
  41. the future
    San Francisco Restaurant’s Robots Will Crank Out 400 Burgers an HourSay good-bye to those burger-flipping jobs.
  42. Forgeries
    Pastry Chef Says SFMOMA Stole Her Cake IdeasBlue Bottle is no longer at the museum, but the new desserts look strangely familiar.
  43. The Chain Gang
    San Francisco Inexplicably Loves McDonald’s New Garlic FriesIt’s the chain’s take on a local favorite.
  44. The Grub Street Diet
    Chris Ying’s Grub Street Diet“The more I eat, the closer I get to death by cardiac arrest. But if I stop, am I even living?”
  45. Pop-ups
    A Noma Alum’s Globe-trotting Pop-up Lands in ManhattanFor six nights only, the chef and his crew are running a restaurant in a Chelsea Airbnb.
  46. Lawsuits
    Chef Michael Chiarello Hit With Serious Sexual-Harassment AllegationsTwo former servers claim he touched workers inappropriately and made abusive comments.
  47. Awards
    Another American Restaurant Has Earned Michelin’s Highest RatingDavid Kinch’s Manresa got a serious upgrade.
  48. The Grub Street Diet
    Kenji Lopez-Alt Literally Never Stops Thinking About Food“Whenever I’m invited to dinner, I end up working. Not that I mind. “
  49. Food Tech
    How the Tech World Turned on Private Chefs“I feel like I was treated like a commodity, no warning, no time to plan ahead … “
  50. The Chain Gang
    The First Taco Bell to Serve Alcohol Surprise-Opens TodayThe new Chicago location has tapas and an “open kitchen” too.
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