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San Antonio

  1. lawsuits
    San Antonio Has Spent $315,000 to Keep Chick-fil-A OutThe Texas city is embroiled in two lawsuits and a government investigation since barring the chicken-sandwich chain from the local airport.
  2. wild west
    Texas Waiter Fires Actual Gun During Fight at Cowboy-Themed SteakhouseHe went Wild West on a customer who put him in a headlock over a botched order.
  3. Food Fight
    Texans Are Really Pissed About Austin Claiming the Breakfast TacoA San Antonio resident even launched a Change.org petition to exile someone from the state.
  4. Mimosa Madness
    Here’s a $28 Mimosa Garnished With Caviar, Lobster, and a MuffinBartenders in Texas have unveiled a gonzo brunch cocktail that rivals even the most over-the-top Bloody Mary.
  5. Prize Package
    Woman Finds Small Bag of ‘High-Quality’ Cocaine in Her Granola BarShe thought she’d “won a prize.”
  6. Buy It Now
    Food Truck With Worst Name Ever Goes Up on eBay for $80,000Just be ready for a website blocked by every workplace internet filter.