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Sam Mink

  1. Hot Soup
    Oyster House Serves Clam Chowder Street-Side TodayFitting that this is happening just as the coldest weather this winter arrives.
  2. Soups
    Oyster House Slings Street-Side ChowderToday’s holiday celebrates the thick crea-based variety of clam chowder, not the tomatoey kind.
  3. Beer Me
    Yards Brewing Co. and the Oyster House Make Oyster-Fueled LoveOyster House’s Sam Mink wanted to be a part of creating an oyster stout form Philadelphia.
  4. Menus
    Oyster House Staff Brings Home the BluefishSam Mink took his staff fishing and they returned with tonight’s specials.
  5. Deals
    Oyster House Celebrates its First Year With 3,000 OystersIt’s a buck-a-shuck all day and all night.