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Salt Bae

  1. controversies
    Salt Bae Pays $230,000 to Ex-Servers in Wage-Theft SuitFour servers at his Manhattan steakhouse say the restaurant had a shady tipping policy that violated local laws.
  2. controversies
    Journalists Arrested for Inserting Salt Bae Into the Last SupperJordan’s government accused them of inciting sectarian strife.
  3. bad times
    Video of Salt Bae and Trump Jr. Will Destroy Any Last Shreds of Your HappinessAs if Kanye’s Oval Office rant wasn’t bad enough.
  4. food politics
    Venezuelans Are Protesting Salt Bae’s Miami SteakhouseProtests come a few days after embattled Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro ate at Salt Bae’s restaurant in Istanbul while his own citizens starve.
  5. first taste
    Thank You, Salt BaeThe viral sensation arrives in New York and sprinkles some digital fairy dust on our critic’s Instagram feed.
  6. empire building
    Salt Bae Is Already Working on a U.S. Burger ChainThe first two locations will be in New York and Los Angeles.
  7. outrage
    Salt Bae Officially Goes Too FarKraft Singles don’t belong inside a steak, chef.
  8. seasoning
    Salt Bae’s New York Restaurant Will Finally Open This WeekThe living meme arrives in Manhattan with rib eyes and racks of lamb.
  9. living memes
    A Year of Salt Bae, the Internet’s Perfect ChefThe living meme captured the best and (mostly) worst of 2017.
  10. food scandals
    Salt Bae Just Opened a Miami Restaurant, and He’s Already in TroubleHe once posed as Fidel Castro.
  11. opening soon
    Salt Bae Has Officially Begun Hiring for His New York RestaurantYou must be “burning with desire to flare it up.”
  12. fall preview 2017
    Two Superstar Chefs Are Opening Their First American Outposts This FallHow do the New York restaurants of Dong Zhenxiang and Nusret Gökçe, a.k.a. Salt Bae, compare?
  13. living memes
    Even Jean-Georges Vongerichten Has Fallen Under Salt Bae’s SpellWhat happens when an unstoppable meme meets a great chef?
  14. ‘Salt Bae’ Is Bringing His Sexiness to New British and American SteakhousesHis sexy seasoning caught the world’s attention, and so will his restaurant chain.
  15. words of wisdom
    The Most Inspiring Lines From Salt Bae’s ‘Sunday Routine’ FeatureSalty wisdom we should all apply to our lives.