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    The Most Iced-Out Cone You’ve Ever SeenWhat you see here is a replica of a cone of Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, made with eighteen-karat white and yellow gold and over 600 Lazare diamonds. After it goes on a national tour, it can be yours for $1 million (plus however much you end up spending on gold caps when you get high one day and try to bite into it). One has to wonder, is this ridiculous blingfest the ice-cream industry’s last-ditch effort to keep it crispy in the face of fro-yo mania? (Willie Nelson’s ice cream sure didn’t work.) And how long before Pinkberry counters with some ice of its own? Considering Pinkberry got the Lady Tigra for their bumpin’ jingle, they could probably bring Jacob the Jeweler out of retirement for a pimp cone.