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  1. sales
    The Most Interesting Items From Anthony Bourdain’s Estate AuctionGifts from other notable chefs, a signed Simpsons script, and a knife that’ll set most people back a few years on rent.
  2. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s to Close Hundreds of Its Black-Sheep StoresThe earning report broke some bad news.
  3. Sales
    Vox Media Buys Curbed NetworkLockhart Steele will stay on with the newly acquired company.
  4. Food News
    Pirate’s Booty Changes Hands for $195 MillionThe company that owns brands like Ortega and Cream of Wheat buys the incredibly delicious snack food.
  5. Sales
    New Owners of Elaine’s AnnouncedThey’re the Glicks.
  6. Beer Me
    Are Americans Drinking Less Beer, or Just Less Crappy Beer?While big beer’s sales continue slipping, craft brews’ keep growing.
  7. Sales
    Pump Room Gets LiquidatedWhat would you pay for some history?
  8. Moving Day
    Brooklyn Kitchen Consolidates; Moving Sale Starts TodayThe remaining inventory will go to Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, a few blocks away.
  9. Financial Woes
    Restaurant Sales Will Improve in 2010, But Not by MuchJust how much will the restaurant industry rake in this year?
  10. Openings
    A First Look at the Gallery, Opening This SaturdayThe Gallery, the South Bronx lounge that promises to “redefine nightlife,” will now be open from Tuesday through Saturday.
  11. NewsFeed
    Think of Pera’s Picnic Baskets As Reproductive SporesPera’s plan to sell picnic baskets may seem like just another sop for Hampton-bound swells; really, it’s part of the restaurant’s master expansion strategy. Executive chef Jason Avery tells us that “Pera was never intended to be a one-shot deal; we’re looking to expand in the city, and across America.” Pera hasn’t found the right space or lease yet, but when it does, it will follow the lead of what Avery is already calling “our flagship restaurant.”
  12. Openings
    24-Hour Diner Brings Blintzes Back to Kiev SpaceLast week, after over a year of construction, the American Grill finally opened in the old Kiev space, and it will soon be operating 24/7 (it’s currently open till midnight). Will the glorified diner be able to succeed where Loside (now closed 24/7) failed? Will old-neighborhood offerings of pirogen and blintzes lure 4 a.m. drunks away from Odessa? Probably not, but ten-ounce Angus-beef burgers topped with Gruyère, proscuitto, or avocado just might, not to mention a sandwich menu that includes the ‘wich-hound’s holy grail (the hot muffuletta) and a selection of proper entrées created by consulting chef Pnina L. Peled, who previously worked with Sensa and Elmo. The owners (three Greek brothers from Queens) expect to instate their-beer and-wine license any day now, but management insists this is a family spot. You know, in case the tots are hankering for a sixteen-ounce steak after a night at Sin Sin. American Grill, 117 Second Ave., at 7th St.; 212-777-1286. American Grill menu