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Sad Things

  1. Terrible Twos
    2-Year-Old Suspended From Day Care After Bringing Cheese Sandwich From HomeDay care is the worst.
  2. Proof Positive
    What a Relief: Authentication Method Developed for Civet-Poop CoffeeIt’s about time you started testing your coffee with mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.
  3. Closings
    Manganaro Is Done, But Hoping to Reopen SoonWe’ve known it was coming.
  4. Sad Things
    Baby Abandoned at Burger KingThe NYPD has no idea who the parents are.
  5. Sad Things
    Newly Michelin-Starred Heartbreak Closed for GoodThe timing, needless to say, is heartbreaking.
  6. Sad Things
    Update: In-N-Out Employee Crushes Our Dreams“We deliver things fresh from our main warehouse. And that’s in Southern California.”