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  1. the quarantine diet
    Ruth Reichl Quarantines With Parmesan Stock and Mapo Tofu“I think we’re all much more conscious of the fact that our supplies are scarce.”
  2. interviews
    Ruth Reichl on Her New Memoir, and What Gourmet Meant to Readers“It was kind of magical.”
  3. new york beginnings
    How Food Network Turned Big-city Chef Culture Into Middle-America Pop CultureIn the early ’90s, a no-budget television network in midtown Manhattan transformed unknown cooks into full-blown celebrities.
  4. the grub street diet
    Ruth Reichl’s First Stop in New York City Is Gray’s Papaya“It’s like a taste of my childhood. If there’s a steady thing in my diet, that’s it.”
  5. RIP
    RIP, Michel Richard, a Chef Who Embodied Joy and Exuberance“He would just invent dishes at the spur of the moment … He was never really happy unless he was in the kitchen.”
  6. Video Feed
    Watch an Amazing Trailer for the Documentary on Cecilia Chiang, the“She has this taste memory that goes back to a time when there aren’t a lot of people alive who remember the food of that China,” says Ruth Reichl.
  7. Health Concerns
    Ruth Reichl Has Some Problems With the FDA’s Stance on Antibiotics“This practice breeds antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten us all,” she writes.
  8. Other Magazines
    Here’s the Latest Cherry Bombe Cover, Featuring Ruth ReichlThe theme is “Girl Crush.”
  9. The Other Other Critics
    The First Reviews of Ruth Reichl’s New Novel Are InThe Times critic called it “strictly kid stuff.”
  10. Leftovers
    Colman Andrews and Ruth Reichl Talk; Momofuku’s Besties SeriesPlus: James Ramirez’s Crow Hill Supper Club dinner, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  11. Bookshelf
    Here’s the Cover of Ruth Reichl’s Delicious!The food-world luminary is turning her attention to fiction for the first time.
  12. Interviews
    Alice Waters and Ruth Reichl on Shrinking Food Coverage and Moving Past Gender“I sort of felt like I was invited into the boys club, in a wonderful way. I was naive and interested in what they were doing … They took care of me like I was their little sister.”
  13. Bookshelf
    Ruth Reichl’s Novel Will Be Out Next SpringRandom House announces it will publish ‘Delicious!’
  14. Ateliers
    Ruth Reichl Isn’t So Sure Chef’s Counters Will LastThe famed food writer argues that the next-level dining experience hasn’t happened quite yet.
  15. Quote of the Day
    Ruth Reichl Predicts …The critic foresees an “extreme backlash” heading toward today’s casual restaurant scene.
  16. Quote of the Day
    Ruth Reichl Calls the Star System ‘Stupid’She also says that New York bagels suck.
  17. Puck Tales
    Ruth Reichl, Ludo, and ‘Mama’ Nancy Silverton Celebrate SpagoThe New York Times investigates what keeps Wolfgang Puck still going.
  18. The Other Critics
    Past New York Times Critics: They Reminisce Over FoodReichl, Grimes, Bruni, and Sifty talk shop.
  19. Leftovers
    Seoul Sausage Wins The Great Food Truck Race; $45 Tasting Menu EveryThe Korean sausage truck opens its brick and mortar this Saturday.
  20. Food Media
    Gilt Taste Hit With Editorial ‘Cutbacks’The online deals company scales back its grocery bill.
  21. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Looks Back at His RootsThe critic discusses his family’s religion by way of L.A.’s delis, with help from some famous friends.
  22. TV Land
    Top Chef Masters Season Four Announced: Francis Lam, Missy Robbins,Starting July 25.
  23. Quote of the Day
    Ruth Reichl Is Hot for HummusThe Gilt Taste editor wants to slather it on … herself.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Where Ruth Reichl’s Been Dining in L.A.She calls a recent lunch at Spago like ‘a delirious dream.’
  25. Mediavore
    Rihanna Helicopters Junk Food to Hawaiian Villa; Ludo Lefebvre Attacks New YorkThe French chef thinks his East Coast counterparts are “too stuffy.”
  26. L.A. Diet
    Ruth Reichl Ate at Yuca’s on Her BirthdayShe also indulges in Bouchon and hits Michael Voltaggio’s sandwich shop.
  27. The San Francisco Diet
    The Gilt LifeWhat does Ruth Reichl eat in a week? Pretty much everything, as it turns out.
  28. The Grub Street Diet
    Ruth Reichl Feasts at Mission Chinese Food, Reveals Her Favorite Burrito in L.A.Also she admits to there being one legitimate use of Velveeta in the world, and it’s in that burrito.
  29. Quote of the Day
    NorCal Good Food Community is One Big Happy FamilyIt’s time for the Good Food Awards!
  30. Celebrity Settings
    Meet Ruth Reichl Tomorrow at the Ferry Building
  31. Quote of the Day
    Ruth Reichl Hates Honey’s GutsNo Greek pastries for her!
  32. The Feeding Tube
    Simpsons Executive Producer Matt Selman on the Show’s UpcomingYes, Wylie Dufresne will finally get his very own ‘Simpsons’ avatar.
  33. Mediavore
    Chick-Fil-A Gives $2 Million to Anti-Gay Groups; Jonathan Gold Loves South L.A.The chain’s donations to such causes appear to have increased over the years.
  34. Mediavore
    Edelman Tries to Get Tail at Storyville; Chick-Fil-A Favors the Right WingPlus Ruth Reichl’s favorite dining cities and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  35. Mediavore
    Camden Coffee Shop Owner Reneges on Sexual Harassment Settlements; Chick-Fil-APlus: New York Times operators are standing by to help you with your Thanksgiving turkey; and Ruth Reichl loves to chow down in Vegas, all in our morning news roundup.
  36. Celebrity Settings
    Ruth Reichl Brunches With Alice Waters at Zuni; Nancy Silverton Fêted at CaminoRuth was in town to help judge the Good Food Awards.
  37. Celebrity Settings
    Ruth Reichl Holds Court at Mozza; Jane Lynch Chases Emmy’s at Fig & OliveWhile Ray Romano ate Italian, L.A.’s food world heavyweights ran the private room.
  38. John Rivera Sedlar
    John Sedlar Celebrated in The L.A. TimesThe chef gets due credit for his early innovations and for staging the rare chef comeback.
  39. Mediavore
    Ruth Reichl Speaks Out on Farm Labor; Who Is Protecting Our Food Supply?The author pinpoints the next big topic in food politics.
  40. Mediavore
    No Child Left Behind: Gaming at Valley Forge Casino Will Be Available For HotelPlus: Trial begins for the trio charged with beating a man to death outside Citizen’s Bank Park; and no one is in charge of protecting the country’s food supply from terror attacks, all in our morning news roundup.
  41. Mediavore
    Whole Foods and JP Get Creative; A Frat Boy’s Sudsy Wet DreamPlus Ruth Reichl on ag-politics and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  42. Oeno-File
    Gilt Taste’s Wine Panel Is Hot!As the site launches a wine section, we take note of its tasting panel.
  43. Quote of the Day
    Guess Thanksgiving Didn’t CountRuth Reichl on America’s fundamental anti-foodism.
  44. At the Movies
    Anne Hathaway’s Reps Deny Ruth Reichl Casting ReportThey say she isn’t set to play the famous writer and restaurant critic.
  45. Bookshelf
    Ruth Reichl Is Writing a Food Novel Set During WWIIFood and bombs!
  46. The Other Critics
    Does San Francisco Need Star Ratings?Do ratings systems appeal to human nature, or ruin restaurant criticism? Discuss.
  47. Foodievents
    MoMA to Host Epic Food Film Series in AugustGabriel Kreuther will cook special menus inspired by the films.
  48. Trimmings
    Clifton’s Cafeteria: Now With Real Butter?Andrew Meieran is teaching the time-honored landmark how to cook with real food and natural product again.
  49. Quote of the Day
    Our Kind of RuleRuth Reichl, on $1 duck buns.
  50. Interviews
    Ruth Reichl on Gilt Taste: ‘The Energy Felt So Right to Me’We talk to the former ‘Gourmet’ editor-in-chief about her new project.
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