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Ruth Bourdain

  1. Leventhal Called It
    Josh Friedland Revealed As the Person Behind Ruth Bourdain“I never thought the joke would go on so long,” he says. Neither did we.
  2. Characters
    Time’s ‘140 Best Twitter Feeds’ Includes Pete Wells,RT!
  3. Culinary Twitterings
    Ruth Bourdain’s Flat Thanksgiving Jokes Are All TurkeysConsider that shark jumped.
  4. Lit News
    Details on Ruth Bourdain’s Ridiculous BookIts called ‘Comfort Me With Offal.’
  5. Tweethearts
    Anthony Bourdain Is Team Angry Bobby Flay, Feels Ruth Bourdain Has ‘LostLoving “the anger and the bitterness” of fake Bobby Flay.
  6. Quote of the Day
    A Girl Can DreamRuth Bourdain fantasizes about Todd English’s derriere.
  7. Holidays
    Mission Street Food Does Thanksgiving; Ruth Bourdain to Dole Out ThanksgivingLook for MSF’s “Insanely-Involved-But-Totally-Worth-It” gravy recipe.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Ruth Bourdain Doesn’t Think Guy Fieri Is ‘Kewl’Not a pretty picture.
  9. Non-Issue
    Anthony Bourdain Doesn’t Know or Care Who Ruth Bourdain Really IsKeep it a secret.
  10. Quickie
    For a Good Time, Call … (Updated)So played out.
  11. Exposed
    Ruth Bourdain’s Anonymity Might Really, Seriously, Finally Be OverIt’s a consortium!
  12. Weirdness
    Ruth Bourdain Blogs About Todd English CookbookWe’re stumped but smiling.
  13. Mysteries
    Has Ruth Bourdain’s Identity Been Revealed?Lee Dean says it’s Robert Sietsema. Sietsema says it ain’t him.
  14. Fashion Statements
    In a Way, Aren’t We All Ruth Bourdain?Chris Cosentino’s got a new shirt.
  15. Interviews
    Ruth Reichl on Gilt Taste: ‘The Energy Felt So Right to Me’We talk to the former ‘Gourmet’ editor-in-chief about her new project.
  16. Funnies
    Lickety-Split, Ruth Bourdain Launches ‘Guilt Taste’It took RuBo just a few hours to skewer to the new magazine-cum-overpriced marketplace.
  17. TV Land
    Does Ruth Reichl Think We’re Ruth Bourdain? Maybe. Probably Not.She suspects a fellow judge, but it’s not Grub Street’s Alan Sytsma.
  18. The Other Blogs
    Over at CHOW: RuBo’s First Column, and Pretty Pictures!We’re digging the Kodachrome food photos CHOW took. Oh, and Ruth Bourdain continues to take over food media.
  19. Eatiquette
    Ruth Bourdain to Pen Etiquette Column For CHOWThe Twitter celebrity gets some almost mainstream food-world love, in the form of a bi-weekly column.
  20. Ruth Bourdain
    Is Ruth Bourdain Going to Crash Ruth Reichl’s Gourmet ReunionWill the Twitter star show up?
  21. Funnies
    Today in Cocktail Comedy: The Tipsy TarmacRuth Bourdain offers up a cocktail recipe for what we hope will be an ongoing series.
  22. Personalities
    On Ruth Bourdain, Regina Schrambling, Anthony Bourdain, and CupcakesThe dance between Bourdain and Regina Schrambling (possibly Ruth Bourdain) is getting more delicious.
  23. Mediavore
    Recapping Sunset Mag’s Celebration Fest; Ruth Bourdain Admits
  24. Openings
    Eddie Huang Thinks His Baohaus Customers Suck, Plans ‘Abrasive Vibe’Plus, Michael Huynh considers the Allen & Delancey space, and more Twitter drama.
  25. Personalities
    Ruth Bourdain in Real LifeTony Bourdain’s “Tao of Ruth” segment gets a visit from Reichl herself.