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Russian River Brewing Company

  1. Foodies With Benefits
    Pliny the Younger Going on Tap Today at Monk’sAll proceeds from today’s Mad Monday will be turned over to Alex’s Lemonade.
  2. Beer Me
    City Tap House Tapping Pliny the Younger on SaturdayThe cult favorite triple I.P.A. makes its first local appearance.
  3. Beer Me
    Start Lining Up: Pliny the Younger Is Headed This WayThe cult craft brew is in shorter supply this year, but there’s more of it headed our way.
  4. Foodies With Benefits
    Monday Just Got Mad: Monk’s Tapping Rare Beers and Raffling Off AmazingOne of the amazing beers going on tap today is making its East Coast debut.
  5. Beer Me
    Still Plining For a Sip of the Younger?It’s doubtful our Pliny moment has passed.
  6. Beer Me
    Pliny the Younger: Is It Worth the Wait?Is it really worth taking time off from work, waiting in line for hours and paying to drink small pours of the seldom-seen beer?
  7. Beer Me
    Pliny Power: Two Barrels of the Younger Go On Tap TodayThe rare brew goes on tap today at Monk’s and City Tap House.
  8. Beer Me
    Is Pliny the Younger Worth the Wait?Six tipsy strangers at Pasadena’s Haven Gastropub weigh in on the coveted beer’s hype and offer their opinion on the final results.
  9. Beer Me
    Another Pliny the Younger Alert: Haven Gastropub Serving Stash on MondayOver 200 people will get their chance to taste the coveted triple IPA this Monday.