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  1. openings
    What to Expect From Harlem’s Most Secretive New Tasting MenuInside Reverence, the reservation-only restaurant from California chef Russell Jackson.
  2. TV Land
    Russell Jackson to Throw Down With Jose Garces on Iron ChefHe’s also doing a farewell series of SubCulture Dining dinners next month.
  3. Nonstaurants
    Russell Jackson Resurfaces in S.F. for Two SubCulture Dining Events
  4. Nonstaurants
    Kitchenless Chefs Russell Jackson and Aaron London to Pop Up at FoodLabAlso: Brett and Nathan Niebergall of the Southern Sandwich Co. and formerly of Frisee.
  5. Closings
    Lafitte Closes After Two Years; Chef Russell Jackson Heads to New YorkJackson says he’ll be trying to launch his pop-up in New York now.
  6. Kerfuffles
    Lafitte Chef Now Packing Heat After Death Threats From Foie Gras ProtestersChef Russell Jackson doesn’t shy away from controversy, or media attention.
  7. Foodievents
    Let Them Eat Foie!Lafitte is doing a five-course foie gras dinner on Sunday. Too much?
  8. Nonstaurants
    Former Pop-Up Chef Turned Restaurant Chef to Relaunch Pop-Up at His RestaurantRussell Jackson is relaunching SubCulture Dining at Lafitte.
  9. The Other Critics
    By Way of Apology, Bauer Ups Lafitte a Half Star; Kauffman Anoints the Top FiveKauffman’s pizza picks only include one newcomer.
  10. Menu Changes
    Lafitte Chef Russell Jackson Giving In and Going for More of a Brasserie ThingThe “menu of logic” is going out the window.
  11. Anniversaries
    Lafitte Rings In One Year With Surprise MenusThere’ll be a chef’s counter dinner series for $59 on Fridays and Saturdays.
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop Opens in Temescal, eVe Hosts Dirt Dinners, and More
  13. Sandwiches
    Lafitte Celebrates Elvis’s Birthday With Peanut Butter and Foie GrasIt’s enough to stop even a king’s heart.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Adam Lambert Enjoys a Late Supper at LafitteThe glam rocker dined at Pier 5, makeup and all.
  15. Beef
    Russell Jackson Tells Bauer ‘F U, Come Again’We’d recommend that Chef Jackson try not to get so Twitter-defensive.
  16. The Other Critics
    Patti U. Braves the Student Cuisine at Bistro 10UN; Bauer Doesn’t So MuchPatricia Unterman feels compelled to badmouth the student cuisine at Bistro 10UN; Bauer gives 1.5 stars to Lafitte.
  17. Menus
    Lafitte Serves Up a Prized PigThe dissident chef is serving up various cuts of pork from a whole Iberico pig at Lafitte this week and next.
  18. Slideshow
    Take a Virtual Tour of Lafitte, Opening Tonight on Pier 5Russell Jackson’s long-awaited SF restaurant is ready for its close-up.
  19. Openings
    Opening Next Week: Lafitte, the Long Awaited Venture by Underground Chef RussellTwo years in the making, Lafitte finally makes its debut on Pier 5 next Tuesday.
  20. Mediavore
    Lafitte is Underway; Houston Vies to Get on the Foodie Map
  21. Foodievents
    SubCulture Dining Finally Waves GoodbyeDissident Chef Russell Jackson will focus on opening Lafitte after this Saturday’s Trufflepalooza dinner.