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  1. Rumors
    Is Salades de Provence Turning Into WeHo Bistro?An ABC license indicates the liquor license has been transferred to a new business.
  2. Back of the House
    Hand-Changing: Eleven Madison Park Maybe Got Sold; Mia Dona Hits the MarketMia Dona is done, for now. And what the heck’s going on at Eleven Madison Park?
  3. Rumors
    Downtown’s Takumi Purchased By Japan’s Kula Kaiten Sushi?Conveyor belt sushi could replace a less-than-stellar competitor in Little Tokyo.
  4. Temporary Closings
    Saints and Sinners Declared Dead (Again)Yelp declares the place shuttered, while it might be just a quick roofing job.
  5. Rumors
    Wabi-Sabi Will Remain the Same, Says OwnerThe restaurant’s Bruce Horowitz counters Eater’s rumor that Casey Lane is taking over his sushi spot.
  6. Rumors
    Sorry Silver Lake, Whole Foods Is Not Coming Your WayRumors make the affected neighborhood lose its famous cool for a second.
  7. Imports
    Eataly Is Heading to L.A., If D.C. Doesn’t Get One FirstEataly’s CFO says the early rumors were only just that.
  8. Rumors
    Is Mariscos Chente Changing Names in Inglewood?The rumored change might be intended to highlight the presence of Sergio Penuelas in the kitchen.
  9. Rumors
    Update: Schwa Scare, Michael Carlson Not LeavingNo one knows the real story except Michael Carlson.
  10. Closings
    Is Root Beer Joe’s Fizzling Out?An employee confirms the sale, then takes it back through a series of stumbles.
  11. Rumors
    Is Sun & Moon Cafe Turning Into Another South Bay Gastro-Pub?Now that Neal Fraser and David Lefevre are here, it will be interesting to see if any new nearby project can hold its own.
  12. Rumors
    Is Waterloo Working on a Venice Follow-Up?A staging audition for a new Venice restaurant is being held in the kitchen of the Culver City gastro-pub.
  13. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Angelo Sosa Directing Menu at New Century City Mixology HubLast we heard, the space is meant to be Curtis Nysmith’s SmithHouse.
  14. Rumor Mill
    D.C.’s Parc May Not Be Such a Sure Thing After AllThe D.C. extension of his Rittenhouse brasserie isn’t set in stone, but it’s not off the table either.
  15. Rumors
    Is Toscana Eyeing a Santa Monica Expansion?Italian small plates and bowl food are rumored to be the focus at an expansion for chef Hugo Vasquez.
  16. Coming Soon
    What’s Will Gilson’s Next Restaurant Going to Be?The ex-Garden at the Cellar chef plots his next move.
  17. Rumor Mill
    The Franklin and Supper May or May Not Be Working Together on a New RestaurantNeither party will confirm or deny a more expanded partnership.
  18. Closings
    More Details Emerge on Fork & Barrel’s Abrupt ClosingApparently there’s more to the picture than meets the eye.
  19. Rumor Mill
    Say It Isn’t So: Olunloyo Gets Locked Out of SpeckIf rumors are true, this won’t bode well for Speck’s opening.
  20. Rumor Mill
    What Does Philly Homegrown Know That the Rest of Us Don’t About Speck?The blog says the restaurant is open, but surely there it would have made a much bigger splash if it did.
  21. Rumors
    Michael Symon Discovers That Angelenos Are Carnivores TooThe chef conceives of a beer-heavy smokehouse concept for his adopted hometown.
  22. The Other Critics
    Brad A. Johnson Moves On From Modern LuxuryThe critic will do more writing, with upcoming features in Food & Wine and freelance reviews for Angeleno.
  23. Closings
    Say So Long to SnackbarThe four-year-old Rittenhouse hideaway will call it quits in the coming weeks.
  24. Rumor Mill
    Is the Fountain Really Courting Stephen Starr and Marc Vetri?Supposedly big changes are in the works for the Four Season’s venerable restaurant.
  25. Rumors
    Achatz Not Leaving Alinea, So Calm DownThe chef is staying put. But who started the rumor?
  26. Chef Shuffles
    Has Josh Gil Been Liberated From His Role in Mitla?The menu will fall under the jurisdiction of Bricia and her mother.
  27. Mediavore
    Giada and John Mayer Deny Canoodling; Spaceland Will Close in MarchA Silver Lake institution will be scrapped for a dance club, while the Food Network star shoots down a rumored tryst with a rock star.
  28. Rumors
    No Brooklyn Brewery Beer Hall for Phony Island, After AllIt was all just a typo.
  29. Rumors
    Wolfgang Puck Rumored To Be Opening at Hotel Bel-Air, But It Won’t Be SpagoMeanwhile, Spago will undergo some cosmetic changes.
  30. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Is Michael Voltaggio’s New Restaurant Coming Downtown?Using our Rosetta Stone for PR-speak the answer appears to be “maybe.”
  31. Closings
    Updated: Joe DiMaggio’s Only Staying Open Through World SeriesThe restaurant has, like the tipster said it would, closed.
  32. Rumor Mill
    Sulimay’s Still Seeks a BuyerThe longtime Fishtown breakfast and lunch spot seeks a new owner.
  33. Chef Shuffles
    Five-Sixty Chef Sara Johannes Coming to Work For Puck in L.A.But only chef Stephan Pyles knows for certain what her fate will be…
  34. Rumors
    Is Ado’s Owner Looking at Former Cache Space?A rumor is unleashed that a bar and nightlife scene could take over the former home of Schatzi and Cache.
  35. Rumor Mill
    Is Kevin Sbraga Moving Into APO?APO is closing and Sbraga says he’s found a property he likes in the neighborhood.
  36. Rumors
    Courthouse Carries OnThe Cambridge seafood spot isn’t going anywhere.
  37. Rumors
    David Beckham Crushes Gordon Ramsay Pub RumorsDespite the chatter, there are no plans for the two to open The Queen Vic pub in L.A..
  38. Rumors
    Rumors Fly on Ramsay-Beckham Pub ProjectThe reality behind The Queen Vic appears loose at best.
  39. Closings
    Is Les Deux Les Done?Rumors and internet clues suggest the nightlife hotspot is permanently closed.
  40. Rumor Mill
    Le Bec-Fin May or May Not Be on the MarketWhile realtors have it listed, Perrier is denying its for sale.
  41. Animal Instincts
    Animal Chefs Rumored to Buy Restaurant 3 SpaceA rep says nothing is 100% certain yet.
  42. Chef Shuffles
    Brooke Williamson Bailing BeechwoodChefs are currently being auditioned for the Venice restaurant.
  43. Rumors
    Oringer and Bissonnette Aren’t Eyeing SomervilleJamie Bissonnette just likes talking to realtors.
  44. Rumors
    Is Esti Parsons Coming Back to Boston?Will the former Radius GM helm the new restaurant in Louis Boston?
  45. Reopenings
    Hotel Parties: Jane May Reopen This Month, Pierre Hotel Boogies DownA new hotel party, and the return of an old one.
  46. Rumors
    Splichal and Manzke Currently ‘Just Friends’The Patina maestro is not financing the next venture from Church & State’s departing chef.
  47. Rumors
    Is Sang Yoon Opening Lukshon or Just Thinking Out Loud?The Father’s Office creator might have a new restaurant, but for now is just kicking around ideas.
  48. Rumors
    The Alinea Bar is Not Called ‘Boom’A series of misunderstanding leads the UK ‘Independent’ to report the wrong name for Alinea’s nonexistent bar.
  49. Rumors
    Grant Achatz’s Bar is a Long Time ComingGrant Achatz confirms that no, he’s not launching an all-cocktail Alinea offshoot.
  50. Mysteries
    The Case For Chris Douglass in Fort HillA restaurant with a great patio in an underserved neighborhood? Sounds like Chris Douglass to us!
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