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  1. Rumors
    From the Dept. of Things That Aren’t HappeningKuma’s Corner isn’t scoping out an Uptown property, sad to say.
  2. Empire Building
    Kogi Plans a Rice Bowl-Based Diner in West L.A.Kogi will start a brick and mortar restaurant in West L.A.
  3. Rumors
    Prose Isn’t Going Anywhere Just YetThe Arlington restaurant will close after New Year’s Eve.
  4. Rumors
    Cha Ya Going South in the Sunset?Records show the vegan Japanese place is surrendering its liquor license.
  5. Rumors
    Food Network Not Interested in CopiaNetwork denies plans of a rumored West Coast headquarters.
  6. Rumors
    Is Descent the Next Stop for Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli?The master mixologist neither confirms nor denies W rumors.
  7. Rumors
    English On the Prowl … Or NotA source close to the celebrity chef denies any face-sucking action.
  8. Rumors
    Joe DiMaggio’s Chophouse for Sale?Rumors swirl that the North Beach chophouse is being shopped around.
  9. Rumors
    Animal Denies Nieporent PartnershipJon Shook dispels rumors about his restaurant.
  10. Rumors
    What’s up with La Rondalla Anyway?Shuttered forever, the place can’t decide whether to reopen or vacate the premises.
  11. Rumors
    Which Chef-Hemorrhaging Restaurateur Owes Everyone?A blind item on 312 DD doesn’t look so blind to us.
  12. Rumors
    Is Bacchus Changing Owners?An unnamed source says the Hyde Street wine bar may be in for some changes with a new owner.
  13. Lawsuits
    Gottino Partner Michael Bull Sues Jody WilliamsAn unhappy relationship between a chef and her partner.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Ron Howard Watches the Game; Larry David’s Good TastePlus: David Spade and Norm MacDonald’s pizza party, all in our weekly celebrity dining roundup.
  15. Empire Building
    Silverton and Ludo Subject to World Wide Web’s Wishful ThinkingChefs Nancy Silverton and Ludo Lefebvre are at the center of web rumors this week.
  16. Rumors
    Nate Appleman Mulling Options in New YorkFormer SF chef may team up with former SF restaurateur Drew Nieporent.
  17. Rumors
    Michael Nagrant, New York Edition?The Chicago food writer is on one blog’s short-list to replace Frank Bruni at the ‘Times.’
  18. Rumors
    Rumors of New Keller Venture QuashedKeller’s reps deny that he’s working on a New York venture.
  19. Rumors
    Keller’s Reps Deny Plans for New RestaurantBut the Feedbag says to expect one this fall.
  20. Openings
    Will Alfama Move to East Village?The Portuguese restaurant may be moving to Avalon Bowery Place.
  21. Rumors
    Portuguese Eats Coming to Extra Place?A delicious new rumor.
  22. Rumors
    Petraske, Cocktail Wizard, Denies ‘Harry Potter’ ProjectHe is NOT naming a new speakeasy Gryffindor.