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  1. Pre-Previews
    Top Chef Alum Casey Thompson Planning a Napa RestaurantShe’s actually been living in S.F. for the past three years, under the radar.
  2. Rumor Mill
    Andros Diner Redux?A beleaguered Belmont restaurant just might get a second chance.
  3. Rumor Mill
    Tyler Florence Parts Ways With Cory Lane
  4. Rumor Mill
    Will Rocca Become A New, Entirely Different Italian Restaurant?The deserted South End space needs some love.
  5. Empire Building
    Tyler Florence Eying Another Union Square ProjectCould this be an incarnation of the shelved Bar Florence, once slated for a different venue?
  6. Empire Building
    Willie Brown Encourages Wolfgang Puck to Take Postrio SpaceDa former Mayor tells the chef he should open up one of his Cut steakhouses there.
  7. Rumor Mill
    Will Eastern Standard Launch a Craft Cocktail Bar?That’s the buzz!
  8. Rumor Mill
    Did Adam Sandler Stiff a Massachusetts Restaurant?An Italian restaurant says the actor owes them for $2,500 worth of food.
  9. Rumor Mill
    Frank DePasquale Offers Abode to OchocincoThe restaurateur offers his regal abode to the newest New England Patriot.
  10. Pre-Previews
    Joseph Humphrey’s New Project Gets a Name: DixieSo, we’re thinking Southern, obviously.
  11. Coming Soon
    What Restaurant Should Open in the Ugly Hite Radio Space?So long, shabby storefront; hello, food.
  12. Big Head Todd
    Should Todd English Open a Beer Garden at Faneuil Hall?As if he doesn’t have enough going on.
  13. Rumor Mill
    94 Mass Ave: Name’s the SameThe menu’s tweaked, but that’s all.
  14. Rumor Mill
    94 Mass Ave: More Name Changes Than Prince?Apparently they’re refashioning themselves as a tavern.
  15. Rumor Mill
    94 Mass Ave: Still Open, Just PaintingWe thought they’d closed.
  16. Rumor Mill
    Charlie Hallowell at Work on New East Bay Projects?This rumor comes on the heels of Boot & Shoe’s cafe expansion in Oakland.
  17. Rumor Mill
    D.C.’s Parc May Not Be Such a Sure Thing After AllThe D.C. extension of his Rittenhouse brasserie isn’t set in stone, but it’s not off the table either.
  18. Rumor Mill
    More Taco Talk for Deep EllumThey’re one step closer to opening a taco bar.
  19. Rumor Mill
    Deep Ellum As Taco Bar?We already love the steamed pretzels.
  20. Beer Me
    There’s No Expansion On Tap For the Tasting Room at YardsThe rumors are just that, rumors!
  21. Rumor Mill
    What Will Become of Rocca?Rumors swirl that Aquitaine will move in.
  22. Closings
    Le Club Probably Not Reopening After AllChef Randy Lewis, who had been announced as chef-partner, is off working on his own project.
  23. Rumor Mill
    The Franklin and Supper May or May Not Be Working Together on a New RestaurantNeither party will confirm or deny a more expanded partnership.
  24. Rumor Mill
    Joseph Humphrey Headed to Union Street?He won’t say exactly where just yet.
  25. Closings
    More Details Emerge on Fork & Barrel’s Abrupt ClosingApparently there’s more to the picture than meets the eye.
  26. Rumor Mill
    Modern Times Bookstore Closing, Maybe Becoming Busboys & PoetsBusboys and Poets may be partnering with the local bookstore at a new location.
  27. Rumor Mill
    Say It Isn’t So: Olunloyo Gets Locked Out of SpeckIf rumors are true, this won’t bode well for Speck’s opening.
  28. Previews
    Brooklyn Bowl Deal Pure Rumor? Anyway, a Different Six-Lane Bowling Alley IsThe gals who own Mini Bar in the Western Addition have some empire building plans involving funny shoes.
  29. Rumor Mill
    Is the Oak Room Getting A Lolita-Style Makeover?Some think one of Boston’s most established restaurants will renovate.
  30. Rumor Mill
    What Does Philly Homegrown Know That the Rest of Us Don’t About Speck?The blog says the restaurant is open, but surely there it would have made a much bigger splash if it did.
  31. Rumor Mill
    Is This For Real or Just More Rumor and Speck-ulation?A mysterious tweeter says Speck is days away from opening, but no one’s holding their breath waiting.
  32. Blind Items
    Updated: Big Changes Afoot at Le ClubAccording to the Scoop, a “clubby Nob Hill venture” is headed into bankruptcy.
  33. Local Legends
    Bay Wolf Not Being Sold, Starts Monday Night Casual Asian ThingIt’s called “Michael’s Monday Night Kitchen and Noodle Bar.”
  34. Real Estate
    What’s Up at the Jazz at Pearl’s Space?There’s definitely a restaurant being built out, but it’s unclear what exactly.
  35. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Which Two Local Chefs Were Tapped For Next Season?Top Chef has reportedly tapped two local chefs for the show’s next season. Who are they?
  36. Real Estate
    Gus Murad Selling Medjool; New Mission Theater Deal Close to DoneMurad is out, but Brooklyn Bowl may be in, soon, at the historic theater next door.
  37. Rumor Mill
    Is the Fountain Really Courting Stephen Starr and Marc Vetri?Supposedly big changes are in the works for the Four Season’s venerable restaurant.
  38. Oh By Georges
    Look Out Philly: Georges Perrier Wants to Sex You UpPhiladelphia needs something sexy, and Georges Perrier is going to give it to them.
  39. Bars
    Update In Re: Place Pigalle Being ClosedWell, turns out it was a liquor license issue, but they may still reopen.
  40. Oh By Georges
    As If No One Saw This Coming: Perrier Will Keep Le Bec-Fin Open After AllLe Bec-Fin, which is kind of like the Jurassic Park to Stephen Starr’s ever-expanding Disneyworld, will remain open.
  41. Closings
    Place Pigalle Actually Appears to Have Lost Its LeaseA correction regarding an earlier rumor about a liquor license and a porn shoot.
  42. Rumor Mill
    Busboys & Poets, a D.C.-Based Progressive-Leaning Restaurant/Bookstore, SeeksBut will Mission progressives go for it if it’s not vegan?
  43. Chef Shuffle
    Charlie Parker to Take the Helm at PlumThe chef at Bonny Doon’s Cellar Door Cafe has already earned buzz, and rumor has it he’s coming to work for Patterson.
  44. Rumor Mill
    Brooklyn Bowl and Blue Ribbon to Revive the New Mission Theater?Connecting rumors, we surmise that Brooklyn Bowl may be hoping to open in the historic theater space.
  45. Rumor Mill
    Sulimay’s Still Seeks a BuyerThe longtime Fishtown breakfast and lunch spot seeks a new owner.
  46. Rumor Mill
    Is Kevin Sbraga Moving Into APO?APO is closing and Sbraga says he’s found a property he likes in the neighborhood.
  47. Rumor Mill
    Could Bay Wolf Be the Mystery Object Of Fox’s Affection?70-year-old Michael Wolf, chef-owner at Bay Wolf, may be looking to pass the torch, but to whom?
  48. Rumor Mill
    Beckett’s In Berkeley Changing HandsIt sounds like it won’t be staying Irish, or a pub, for long.
  49. Endangered
    CAV Might Be On the Outs
  50. Rumor Mill
    Updated: Mission to Get a New Out the Door, With CocktailsThe Phan empire will grow again, and right back where it started.
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