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  1. news you can booze
    Obama Gives Americans Permission to Haul Infinite Quantities of Cuban Rum HomeThe $100 import limit has officially been removed.
  2. Rum
    Genuine Havana Club Is One Step Closer to a U.S. RolloutJust in time for the ten-year re-release of ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.’
  3. Deals
    Fort Defiance Will Serve $3 Daiquiris and $4 Mai Tais TonightJust say no to Scurvy.
  4. Booze News
    Eighteenth-Century Rum Made by Slaves Breaks Records at Christie’s AuctionThe bottles alone would sell for thousands on eBay.
  5. Booze News
    New Jersey Issues Its First Distillation License Since ProhibitionJersey Artisan Distilling will begin rolling out rum some time this coming spring.
  6. Strange Bedfellows
    While Promoting His Rum Line, Ron Jeremy Praises Mitt RomneyThe porn star thinks Romney has great family values.
  7. Foodievents
    Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Porn Star Ron Jeremy Are Boston-BoundPick your poison.
  8. Damnnn
    A.F. Rapoport’s Hot Buttered Rum Is Legit, and at Joseph LeonardIt’s here and it’s awesome.
  9. Mediavore
    Worst Celebrity Tippers; National Rum Day; Picky Eating - A Disorder?
  10. Mixocalypse
    Caña Rum Bar Runs A Romantic New Menu TonightBroken down into sections like daggers and cannons, the pirate-friendly cocktails have cocktails inspired by the bartender’s dreams.
  11. Food Events
    A Yummy, Rum-y EveningEnjoy an educational and boozy night at World Cafe Live.
  12. Another Moses
    What to Drink at Caña Rum BarCedd Moses brings a private club to the public.
  13. Another Moses
    Cana Rum Bar Soft-Opens in Downtown’s The DohenyCedd Moses turns a private club into an option for the public.
  14. Nightlife
    La Descarga Runs Rum in HollywoodOver 70 fine varieties to sip are on the menu.
  15. Mediavore
    The French Market’s Ideal Shopper; McDonald’s Needs a New PrezPlus: why so many bars serve brunch, and Sam Adams’ banned beer, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. Mediavore
    Long Trail Grows; Rum on the RisePlus: more bars get brunch, and McDonald’s president steps down, all in our morning news roundup.
  17. Foodievents
    Ciudad Matches Mojitos TonightCiudad offers Mojito Wednesday
  18. Unsolved Mysteries
    Speakeasy Alert: The Mysterious Rhum Rhum RoomIs a hidden bar off St. Marks Place the latest Woodson and Ford?
  19. Mediavore
    Chodorow and Tom Valenti Team Up; Rum RenaissanceJeffrey Chodorow is opening a restaurant with Tom Valenti right next to his new restaurant with Zak Pelaccio; also, a new Rickshaw will open in the Village. [Eater] Related: Chodorow and Pelaccio Planning a ‘Malaysian Coffeehouse’ [Grub Street] We’re in the middle of a rum renaissance, with “heavy, thick and funky” British varieties and “smooth and sugary” Spanish-Caribbean ones. [NYDN] Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club defends itself against charges of unfair labor practices: “Everyone makes the minimum wage at the club.” [NYDN]
  20. The Annotated Dish
    Del Posto’s Ever-So-Slightly Indulgent Chocolate-and-Rum PairingAdam Platt called the Chocolate Tasting at Del Posto one of the “Most Decadent Dishes” in New York, comparing it to “uncut cocaine.” You shouldn’t take this to mean that the dish is uncomplicated, however. Del Posto co-owner Joe Bastianich describes its elements — three different chocolates, three different rums — in this week’s Annotated Dish, where, as always, you simply scroll over the arrows on the image for the chef’s comments.