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Ruby’s Bar And Grill

  1. Reopenings
    It’s Official: Coney Island 8 (or 7, Anyway) Will Be Back for Just OneRuby’s, Paul’s Daughter, Beer Island, Cha Cha’s, etc. will come back for an encore.
  2. Coney Baloney
    Booze Runs Dry at Ruby’s — But Hey, Coney May Get Its Popeye’sThe latest sad news from Phony Island.
  3. Coney Baloney
    Rats! Is This the Last Time We’ll See Anything Like This on the Boardwalk?The latest from Coney Island.
  4. Coney Baloney
    Ruby’s Returns for an Encore Before the ‘Biggest Battle Ever’Plus, a former “freak” talks.
  5. Coney Baloney
    City Rendering Imagines the Worst: Ruby’s Replaced by Ruby TuesdayCould it really happen?
  6. Closings
    Last Call at Ruby’s: “SHAME ON YOU, ZAMPERLA”Taxidermists, sideshow performers, and burlesque performers turn out for the Coney boardwalk bar’s last hurrah.
  7. Endangered
    Coney’s Oldest Operator: ‘I Should Get the Respect Due’The owner of Paul’s Daughter speaks out.
  8. Endangered
    Ruby’s Owner Is ‘75 Percent Resolved That It’s Over, 25The latest regarding the beloved dive’s fight for its life.
  9. Endangered
    Ruby’s of Coney Island: ‘We Will Not Go Down Quietly’The endangered dive says, “Now it’s time to yell.”
  10. Closings
    Cha Cha Says Coney Businesses Will Fight ‘Criminal Act’The owner of Cha Cha’s boardwalk bar says he isn’t getting out without a fight.
  11. Closings
    Complete Shmendriks Destroy Coney Island Boardwalk (Ruby’s Included)After 76 years, our favorite boardwalk dive is finally done for.
  12. Openings
    Eveleigh Brings Intelligent Design and Seasonality From Down Unda’ To The LandTonight Sunset Blvd. gets a locavore restaurant from a mob of Aussie hipsters.
  13. Endangered
    Coney Island Low: Boardwalk Dives Told to Shape Up or Ship OutSince when do dive bars need upgrades?
  14. Reopenings
    Ruby’s Returns to ConeyBoardwalk institutions will return for the summer.
  15. Merchandising
    Building the Ultimate Restaurant T-Shirt CollectionWardrobe essentials for New York City restaurant fans.
  16. Reopenings
    Coney Island Bars Will Be Ready for You to Find Their Easter KegsRuby’s, Cha Cha’s, and Peggy O’Neill’s have now confirmed their return for the season.
  17. Temporary Closings
    Ruby’s Is Still MIA From Coney; Peggy O’Neill’s Leaves BayA shot of the boardwalk institution sans boardwalk.
  18. Reopenings
    Ruby’s, Cha Cha’s, and Others Will Likely Return to Coney IslandBut when will they open?
  19. Endangered
    Ruby’s Still Fighting for Its Life As Coney’s Opening Day ApproachesIf the bar agrees to a higher rent, will it have to operate at a loss?
  20. Endangered
    Ruby’s Redux?The boardwalk bar may be saved.
  21. Temporary Closings
    Holiday Cocktail Lounge’s (Temporary?) Closure May Drive Us to DrinkIt’s the latest dive bar with an uncertain future.
  22. Endangered
    Thor Puts Ruby’s and Nathan’s on the MarketA Coney Island institution may not have long for this world.
  23. Slideshow
    Anthony Martignetti and James Willis Offer a First Look Into Southside, OpeningThe duo have transformed a preppy hangout into what they hope will be something a bit hipper.
  24. Reopenings
    Martignetti Madness: Bella’s, Formerly Known As the Belgrade, Will Now BeBar Martignetti’s downstairs lounge will reopen this month.
  25. The New York Diet
    Singer-Songwriter Vanessa Carlton Indeed Loves Ruby’s in the Afternoon In her single “Nolita Fairytale,” Vanessa Carlton sings about her love of “Ruby’s in the afternoon”— a reference to her favorite neighborhood hang. “It’s the best people-watching,” she says of Ruby’s. “Everyone looks like they’re out of an editorial shoot for some hip magazine. But it’s not posey.” Other favorites near the “Nolita flat on rent control” she famously exalts? La Esquina (“I love to get takeout or to just sit at the front taco bar”), Freemans (“I think it wins the devils-on-horseback competition with the Spotted Pig”), and N (“the best chorizo I’ve ever had”). We asked her whether this week found her at any of the above.
  26. The New York Diet
    Model Catherine McNeil Finds Comfort in Chicken Burgers Earlier this year Times fashion writer Guy Trebay declared 17-year-old Catherine McNeil to be “fashion’s latest crush,” citing her photo shoots for Mario Testino, her campaigns for Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana, and her sudden status as the sought-after runway model. McNeil has lived on the Lower East Side since moving from Australia in February and can often be found at expat hangout Ruby’s wolfing chicken burgers like her mom used to make. “It’s chicken breast, and you can put lettuce and sweet chili sauce and stuff on it,” she explains. Not that she did much eating out this week between shoots for Another magazine and Versace. We caught her on the way to the airport (she was flying to Paris for a Gaultier shoot) and asked her what she noshed on.
  27. Ask a Waiter
    Frank Gluska of Ruby’s Won’t Be Making You a Fuzzy Navel Fourteen years ago, Frank Gluska was kicking back at Coney Island institution Ruby’s, our Best Throwback Bar of 2006, when the manager (whose sister Frank had been dating for twelve years) told him, “Can’t you see we’re busy? Get behind the bar.” “I got behind the bar,” says Gluska, “and that was the beginning of the end.” Since then, he has learned the truth of late owner Ruby Jacobs’s favorite saying, “Once you get the sand of Coney Island between your toes, you’ll never leave.” Because we’ll probably spend the Siren Festival at Ruby’s on Saturday, we asked Gluska to explain his self-described addiction to the place.