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Rub Bbq

  1. Closings
    RUB BBQ Has ClosedNo more ribs on 23rd Street.
  2. Openings
    After Hummer Bummer, RUB Introduces ‘Barbecue Atelier’All patched up and ready to smoke.
  3. Accidents
    Stolen Hummer Hits RUB Restaurant in ChelseaNot-so-happy hour.
  4. The Other Critics
    Shouse Gives Update on the State of Chicago BarbecueShouse gives update on the State of Chicago Q
  5. The Other Critics
    Wiviott Reviews Rub BBQ; Sula Takes on Lillie’s QThe Reader takes on barbecue.
  6. Openings
    You Will Eat More Barbecue at Rub BBQMore barbecue you must eat now.
  7. What to Eat
    Three’s a Trend: Pimento-Cheese BurgersIs the southern specialty finally becoming popular ‘round these parts?