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  1. Celebrity Settings
    Jason Alexander Plays Barista at Royal/T; Aaron Paul Celebrates Emmy Nod atBut is coffee really even coffee in the Seinfeld starss hands?
  2. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Sandra Cordero Popping Up Next Week at Royal/TThe Spanish dinner will occur just days before the Culver City cafe calls it quits.
  3. Foodievents
    Royal/T Abdicates Its Culver City Space With ‘Greatest Hits’ BlowoutKenny Scharf and Warhol museum director Eric Shiner will be among the many on hand for a tour and fiesta.
  4. Art Bites
    The Art of Cooking Hits Royal/T This FridayOver 60 pieces include food-themed art from Kenny Scharf and Scott Reeder.
  5. TV Land
    Where Andrew Zimmern Is Eating in L.A. This WeekWho needs live octopus tentacles in KTown when you’ve got face bacon, whelk, and veal brains in Hollywood?
  6. Goin At It
    Andrew Zimmern Recalls Puck’s Rooster Balls; Suzanne Goin ‘84 Spent Senior DitchThe Bizarre Foods host cites Lucques’ magical moment, while Goin tells it all to her high school newsletter.
  7. Look Who’s Popping Up
    What Andrew Zimmern is Cooking at Royal/T Next MonthThe Bizarre Foods host is keeping the strangeness subdued for a $150 five-course dinner.
  8. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Nicki Minaj’s Ice Cream Necklace Available at Royal/TThe $100 to $400 pieces are being sold exclusively through the Culver City cos-play cafe.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    No Doubt Plays Surprise Show at Royal/T; Stevie Wonder Rocks The Living RoomWe have eaten near Jared from Subway before, but never seen anything quite as cool as this week’s surprise shows.
  10. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Where Hipsters and Cyclists Unite Over PBRRoyal/T peddles fast for the Critical Mass crowd.
  11. Foodievents
    All Things Tea Celebrated at Royal/TTea classes, tea tastings, and even a tea movie will be on display this weekend.
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    Eva Hosting Grilled Cheese Truck Dinner; Crispy Pig Ears Hit Mar’selPop-ups are on their way from Laurent Quenioux, All Jarred Up, The Magnum Crew, and Dave Danhi’s Grilled Cheese Truck.
  13. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Mr. Toast Popping Up at Royal/T Through FebruaryShaky Bacon will be there too!
  14. Taco Town
    It Ain’t Over Yet: Fusion Tacos and Pop-Ups Come Together in Culver CitySean Chaney from Hermosa Beach’s Hot’s Kitchens will try and squeeze entire meals into a tortilla at The Culver City space.
  15. Look Who’s Popping Up
    What to Eat at Royal/T’s Turkish Pop-Up, Tonight OnlyPrivate chef Orcun Malkoclar will explore a fusion of Turkish and Western cooking at the Culver City cafe.
  16. Celebrity Settings
    David Arquette Rages at The Colony in Hollywood; Halle Berry Munches atThe actor gets a little loose on the dance floor and winds up in a compromising position.
  17. Marketing Gimmicks
    Definitely Not The Cake of the FutureRoyal/T celebrates Tron through low-fi culinary effects.
  18. Neighborhood Watch
    Hollywood’s Noir Wine Bar Goes Back To Shabu Shabu; Susan Feniger Cooks atA wine bar doesn’t work on LaBrea, so owners go back to the original barely-working concept, while Susan Feniger’s Street team holds a demo and tasting in Santa Monica.
  19. Coming Soon
    Em’s Artist Cafe Prepares For Its Close-Up in Culver CityThe organic cafe will be heavily rooting for local artists around-the-clock.
  20. Art Bites
    Where to Drink a Candy Darling and Eat An ‘Edie Sedwich’Royal/T unleashes a Warhol-inspired menu running concurrent with a celebration of the artist’s work.
  21. Slideshow
    A Look at ‘The Art of Sushi,’ Popping Up Next Week in Culver CityChef Kenny Yamada is holding six nights of raw fish and magic tricks at Royal/T.
  22. Alice’s Restaurant
    Alice in Wonderland Meets Royal/TA Lewis Carroll-themed tea set is being sold in Culver City.
  23. Lefebvre Fever
    Ludo Closes LudoBites, Prepares Foie Grois and Sausage StuffingLudo shares his Christmas recipe.
  24. Slideshow
    Slideshow: What to Eat at LudoBites, Closing TuesdaySeven dishes from Ludo Lefebvre’s pop-up.
  25. Fever for Lefebvre
    Interview: Ludo Bites BackLudo tells us what to expect at LudoBites at Royal-T.
  26. Pop-Ups
    Ludo Lefebvre Premieres New LudoBites at Royal-TLudoBites sees a sneak-preview in Culver City.
  27. Reopenings
    LudoBites Popping Up Again, Confirmed At Royal/TLudoBites is back, with a brand new headquarters.
  28. Reopenings
    Will LudoBites Pop-Up at Royal/T?LudoBites could appear next at Culver City’s Royal T.
  29. Foodievents
    Make Hello Kitty Sushi at Royal T This SaturdayHello Kitty inspires food fun at Royal T.
  30. foodievents
    Royal T’s High Tea in CandylandRoyal T invites you to Candy Land High Tea