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  1. tv land
    The Chef Show Returns to Netflix Next WeekJon Favreau and Roy Choi’s celebrity-filled cooking show is getting a Volume 2.
  2. food tv
    David Chang Is Getting a New Show on NetflixIn addition to a second season of Ugly Delicious, the Momofuku founder will also debut the series Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  3. interviews
    How Jon Favreau and Roy Choi Turned Their Cooking Hangs Into a New Netflix Show“It’s more ‘dinner party in the back of the house.’”
  4. food tv
    Roy Choi and Jon Favreau Are Turning Chef Into a TV ShowThe Chef Show premieres on Netflix on June 7.
  5. the other critics
    Times Critic Gives Zero Stars to Chefs’ Altruistic Fast-Food ConceptPete Wells writes that the food needs a lot of work at Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s Locol.
  6. Empire Building
    Roy Choi Made the Time 100 ListAnthony Bourdain wrote the blurb.
  7. Startups
    Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson Are Crowd-Funding the Final $150K for TheirRené Redzepi thinks it’s a great idea.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi Aim to Change the Fast-Food Game With Loco’lA healthy alternative.
  9. Expansions
    Roy Choi Says He’s ‘Ready’ for New York Expansion“Should be a fun journey,” he writes.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch a Google-Glass-Wearing Roy Choi Make a BurritoThe burrito may be St. Patrick’s Day-themed but does not contain any actual leprechaun.
  11. Overnights
    Top Chef NOLA Recap: Petulance and Po’boys“Roy Choi and his colorful children’s clothing are here to supervise the Quickfire Challenge.”
  12. The Good Bits
    An Index of All the Crimes Mentioned in Roy Choi’s L.A. Son The chef delved into the world of sawed-off shotguns before he discovered Sriracha.
  13. Video Feed
    Watch CBS News Tour the Inside of the Sriracha FactoryIf you can’t take the heat, sriracha founder David Tran says, just use a little less sauce.
  14. Leftovers
    Brunch at Pagani; Roy Choi and Bourdain’s TalkPlus: Halloween pastries at Francois Payard, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  15. Bookshelf
    Read an Unpublished Chapter From Roy Choi’s New Memoir“It became very clear very fast that the city was up for grabs. Pandemonium. Whole plazas went up in flames.”
  16. Trail
    Wolfgang Puck Trains Jon Favreau on the Sauté StationNext up: omakase.
  17. Video Feeds
    Watch Roy Choi Tour Chinatown With The HundredsThe chef introduces the street wear brand to the “master of balls” and the almond cookies he grew up on.
  18. Guest Stars
    David Chang And Roy Choi Cooking at Wolfgang Puck at Bel-Air!!The trio of hugely famous chefs will prepare a $190 per-person five-course menu.
  19. Reopenings
    Roy Choi’s Chego Reopens in New Chinatown HomeThe chef hints that he may bring in Pekin Duck, while also offering grass-fed burgers and freestyle remixes.
  20. Leftovers
    Noodle Whore Takes LA On a Soupy Tour; $24.5 Million Mansion With Sushi Bar isEat Drink Be Merry shares his favorite noodle soups in greater LA.
  21. Leftovers
    Ocean Prime Opening in Beverly Hills; Connie & Ted’s Coming in Late MayMichael Cimarusti’s contemporary clam shack will have 140 seats in West Hollywood.
  22. TV Land
    Artist David Choe Leads Anthony Bourdain To KTown’s Best DumplingsEven the hosts’ unsavory comparisons couldn’t dull our enthusiasm for the hand-made mandu here.
  23. Let’s Do Brunch
    Brunch Returns to Sunny Spot, Saturdays and Sundays in VeniceThe festival bread and bacalao brandade have been replaced by jerk chicken and bottomless Bloody Marys.
  24. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Releasing L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food in NovemberL.A. Son replaces the more incomprehensible title Spaghetti Junction: Riding Shotgun with an L.A. Chef.
  25. Leftovers
    Salt Air Opening on Abbot Kinney in May; Smoke Extinguished on MelroseThe new Venice seafood project comes from Sunny Spot and littlefork owner David Reiss.
  26. Closings
    A Neighbor Responds: How Chego’s Closing Could Affect Palms’ Dining SceneThe owner of Scoops says he’s “pretty disappointed that Chego is closing,” but still sees many strengths in the neighborhood.
  27. Foodievents
    How to Get Tickets Today To Le Grand Fooding Crush, Coming April 26 and 27 toWe have an exclusive link to pre-sale tickets, two weeks before the public can bite.
  28. Marketing Gimmicks
    Roy Choi: The New Face of SPAM?Who’s to say it might not be for the benefit of L.A.’s common good?
  29. Rumors
    Is Chego Charging Into Chinatown?The move could offer the neighborhood’s comatose nights a much needed shot in the arm.
  30. Quote of the Day
    Black Truffles at Le Bernardin: As Good As SexKogi BBQ founder Roy Choi remembers his first time.
  31. Video Feed
    Watch Roy Choi and Eddie Huang Share Tacos at Guisado’sThe two share complicated handshakes, talk like mystical homies, and share their displacement issues.
  32. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Lending a Hand to The Line HotelThe Koreatown property comes from the owners of New York’s The Nomad.
  33. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Changes Sunny Spot’s Menu, Makes A Grown Man CryThe chef talks dirty about his cooking.
  34. Let’s Do Lunch
    Chego Changes Menu, Starts LunchRoy Choi now has a noodle dish for vegetarians and shaved ice.
  35. Truckin’
    Roy Choi and Ludo Meet Up To Talk Street KitchensThe two will offer a discussion with Los Angeles editor Lelsey Bargar Suter.
  36. Quote of the Day
    Magic Mike’s Got Nada on Roy ChoiThe Kogi chef details the difficulties of telling his parents he was quitting law school.
  37. Chasing Choi
    Sam Sifton Waxes Poetic on Roy ChoiThe scribe calls the chef a poet, whose verses “taste of Los Angeles.”
  38. Menus
    A-Frame Introduces AYCE Fried Chicken, Starting July 14Roy Choi says he’s been perfecting a recipe from his days spent cooking in the South.
  39. Slideshow
    If Chefs Were Really Rock Stars, Who Would They Be?A look into a world where Anthony Bourdain is actually Sid Vicious and Alice Waters plays Joni Mitchell.
  40. L.A. Diet
    Food & Wine Best New Chef Bryant Ng Eats SPAM Musubi and Trades Food with“I’m not a hater, I eat SPAM.”
  41. Radio Craves
    Roy Choi Drops Science on KCRW’s Guest DJ ProjectThe chef plays five old school hip-hop classics for the station.
  42. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Considers Quitting Cooking, CarnivorismThe chef is sort of tripping out a little bit on his blog.
  43. Let’s Do Brunch
    What Sunny Spot Will Serve at Its Weekend BrunchA new selection of cocktails and smoothies will pair with morning dishes like “festival bread” with goat butter and salt cod brandade Benedict.
  44. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Roy Choi ‘Cooking Something New’ Every Day at Mike D-Driven Pop-Up,“I don’t know where you come from but in my world if Mike D steps to me, I listen” the chef explains.
  45. School Lunches
    Roy Choi Fomenting Food Revolution at Jefferson HighThe chef is engineering a student fruit store in South L.A.
  46. Chasing Choi
    Mike D Picks Roy Choi to Lead Pop-Up Restaurant at MOCAThe rap pioneer claims, “Roy truly amazes me with his ability to reinvent radically different cuisines.”
  47. Mediavore
    Jose Andres Starts a Food Truck; Village Coffee Shop Reopens as Beachwood CafeThe Spanish chef springs Iberico ham sandwiches and long lines on D.C.
  48. Mediavore
    Celine Dion Now Owns Iconic Canadian Deli; FDA Mulls Ban on BPAThe singer is part of a group that purchased Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal.
  49. Celebrity Settings
    Tebow Takes Taylor Swift to Toscanova; Bret McKenzie Passes Oscar AroundWas it a date, business, or just a little flirtation between the two young stars?
  50. Menus
    What Roy Choi is Cooking with Mark Peel at Tar Pit Next WeekThe two will risk jail by committing an “uni abalone felony”.
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