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  1. Blehtacular
    Where to Get Roscoe’s in a BottleTorani has a new chicken-and-waffle flavored drink base.
  2. L.A. Diet
    The Voice’s Jamar Rogers Loves Carl’s Jr., Hates Greek Yogurt“You’re talking to an ex-meth head, so I need something to really jolt me awake.”
  3. Presidential Eats
    President Obama Has Dinner for Breakfast in L.A.One trip to Roscoe’s yields a lifetime of fried foods.
  4. Xi Jinping
    What China’s VP Ate at WP24 Last FridayXi Jinping feasted on lo mein and honey fried chicken with gravy at Puck’s place.
  5. The Bird is the Word
    Zimzala Puts Our Chicken and Waffles into a Prosciutto PaniniChef Roy Hendrickson brings our typically monstrous plates into the ordered land of handheld refinement.