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Romaine Lettuce

  1. food borne illnesses
    Romaine Lettuce Is Making People Sick AgainDidn’t we just go through this?
  2. outbreaks
    Okay, Now It’s Safe to Eat RomaineCaesar is back.
  3. lettuce wars
    America Finally Willing to Eat Iceberg LettuceSales have soared following the romaine E. coli outbreak.
  4. outbreaks
    FDA Says It’s Identified the Source of the Romaine OutbreakWhich means romaine lettuce may return to the produce section very soon.
  5. outbreaks
    This Is a Record Year for Foodborne IllnessesThe CDC has investigated more outbreaks in 2018 than in any of the previous ten years.
  6. recalls
    Romaine Lettuce Is Safe AgainAccording to the CDC, the worst of the recent E. coli scare has passed.
  7. recalls
    Tainted Lettuce Is Still Giving Americans E. ColiThe government still isn’t sure of the source of the contamination.
  8. Food-Safety Experts Say Avoid Romaine Lettuce If You’re Not Into E. ColiAn outbreak tied to the greens has sickened 58 and killed 2.