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Rojas Eatery

  1. Ramen Brahmins
    Kotoya Ramen Replacing Rojas Eatery in West L.A.Tokyo-native Shinsuke Horinouch promises a meticulous approach to his tonkotsu ramen.
  2. Coming Soon
    A Mexican Cafe Grows in Little OsakaNina’s Mexican Restaurant is under construction on the increasingly less Japanese portion of Sawtelle.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Cafe Tomo Opens on Sawtelle; Broome Street General Store Comes to Silver LakeMeanwhile, Cafe Des Artistes closes shop just as New York names become all the rage.
  4. Slideshow
    First Look Into Rojas Eatery, Now Open in West L.A.Naan and crispy salami find their way into this unique locavore Mexican restaurant now open in West L.A.
  5. Coming Soon
    Rojas Eatery Replacing West L.A.’s La SalsaLet’s hope it strikes a blow against “burritofication.”