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  1. health concerns
    63 Percent of New York Restaurants Have Been Cited for Rodent InfestationLatin cuisine tops the list, with sightings at 80 percent of all restaurants.
  2. health concerns
    Chipotle Had to Close a Store Overrun by MiceThe closure comes three weeks after a video of the infestation went viral.
  3. Bad Wrap
    Recipient of Chop’t Rat Wrap Was Told ‘Disgruntled Employee’The location reopened today for business.
  4. Health Concerns
    What Could Really Happen If You Eat Rodent-Infected Food?Nothing good, that’s for sure.
  5. Video Feed
    See a Mouse Scamper Through Fairway’s Olive BinsIt would be adorable if it weren’t so disgusting.
  6. Filth
    City Shuts Down Rat- ‘n Roach-Filled RestaurantWhat’s in your egg roll?
  7. Mediavore
    Kupel’s Has a Rodent Problem; Could Brain Dead Chickens Mitigate the Horrors ofPlus locavores as job creators, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Mouse Hunt: Rodent Video Puts McDonald’s on the DefensiveThe employee’s video shows a mouse inside a bag of Big Mac buns.
  9. Rodents
    In Allston, Even the Rodents Eat WellA squirrel just hangs out, feasts on pizza.
  10. Video Feed
    Inside Edition Goes on Rat Patrol in Center CityThe TV crew spotted rats and mice at multiple restaurants.
  11. Health Concerns
    Of Mice and Burgers: Mouse in the House at Shake ShackPlus, a chef gets caught tonguing toads.
  12. Gross-Outs
    Rat BoyardeeAn Ohio woman found what was apparently a dead rodent in her Chef Boyardee and shot video.
  13. Health Concerns
    Gross-out on Wheels: Rats Hitch a Ride With Pizza TruckAnother Taco Bell rat attack in the works?
  14. Temporary Closings
    Socialista Shuttered Over Sewage Backup and Mice Droppings; Beatrice and GoldbarDid the ‘Post’ article trigger a crackdown on ‘smoking speakeasies’?