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  1. food tech
    Robot Drive-throughs Are the Future of Fast FoodAt least at one restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
  2. robots
    Amazon Is Testing Its Cashier-less Technology for Bigger StoresIf it’s implemented at Whole Foods, employees’ worst fears would be confirmed.
  3. robots
    Robots Still Suck at Making LattesCafe X’s $25,000 machine can crank out 120 visually underwhelming craft coffees per hour.
  4. Watch: Are Grain Bowls Made by Robots the Food of the Future?Spyce is now serving lunch made by mechanical cooks.
  5. robots
    A Burger Chain Added a Burger-Flipping Robot — It Lasted for a DayFlippy already needs a bit of retooling.
  6. robots
    Flippy the Burger–Flipping Robot Just Secured $10 Million in FundingThe future of grilling debuts soon in CaliBurger, and has backing from one of the U.S.’s biggest hospitality groups.
  7. the chain gang
    Jack in the Box CEO: It ‘Just Makes Sense’ to Replace Workers With RobotsWhat fast-food chain wants to pay humans ever-increasing wages?
  8. robots
    Get Ready to Order Burgers With Your FaceCaliBurger has debuted the country’s first facial-recognition sales system.
  9. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Actually Hiring Another 6,000 Human WorkersA small victory against Amazon’s robot overlords.
  10. the future
    All-Automated Chain Eatsa Didn’t Impress Diners With Its Fancy Vending MachinesScore one for live cashiers.
  11. grocery wars
    Amazon Will Likely Cut Warehouse Jobs First at Whole FoodsThousands of robots will take over.
  12. robots
    The Robots Have Finally Arrived to Take Our Burger-Flipping JobsThe chain CaliBurger is swapping its human cooks with a robot named Flippy.
  13. the machines
    Get Ready for the Robo-Barista RevolutionAutomated coffee maker Cafe X has landed in San Francisco.
  14. the future
    The Limits, and Possibilities, of a Robot ChefThe chef of the future makes only one dish: crab bisque. So it better be tasty.
  15. the future
    San Francisco Restaurant’s Robots Will Crank Out 400 Burgers an HourSay good-bye to those burger-flipping jobs.
  16. The Future
    Pizza Robots Are Almost a RealityThe founder calls it “Domino’s without the labor component.”
  17. The Chain Gang
    Turns Out the Robot Apocalypse Will Begin at Fast-Food RestaurantsSkynet? More like FryNet.
  18. The Chain Gang
    Fast-Food CEO Wants to Automate RestaurantsRobots are “always polite,” “always upsell,” and “never take a vacation.”
  19. Reasons to Love New York
    You Can Try a Robot-Brewed Pour-Over Coffee at the Chelsea Café GrumpySo new-Brooklyn it hurts. But it’s also mesmerizing fun to watch in action.
  20. Does Not Compute
    Human Barista Faces Off Against Robot Coffee-Maker TomorrowWhoever wins, at least we’ll be caffeinated.
  21. Coffee Buzz
    Designer Coffee, Made by RobotsThe future is here.
  22. Kitchen Supplies
    Robots Poised to Invade KitchensRosie from ‘The Jetsons’ is getting closer to becoming a reality.
  23. Mediavore
    Clinton and Schwarzenegger Consider Obesity Solutions; Brian Boitano is ComingThe Food Network renews a popular cooking show and two political heavyweights look at the nation’s growing waistlines.
  24. Mediavore
    A Fate Worse than Asian Carp; How to Organize Your FridgePlus: maple syrup has its day in the sun, and Herbisaint makes a comeback, all in our morning news roundup.
  25. Mediavore
    Brigham’s Owner Targets Maryland; Buy Your Grass-Fed Meat OnlinePlus: your disgusting fridge, all in our morning news roundups.
  26. Mediavore
    Sous Vide Is Made Simple; Sushi Robots RiseA Tokyo company releases new sushi-making robots and a sous vide machine is produced for the home kitchen.
  27. Mediavore
    Quagga Mussels Invade California; Robots Cooking Ramen in JapanCalifornia gets trillions of invading Ukranian mussels and Nagoya, Japan gets two robot chefs.