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Robert Kremer

  1. Reopenings
    Pussycat Has Nine Lives?Is the 41-year-old go-go dive poised for a comeback?
  2. Closings
    Pussycat Owner: ‘It’s Better We Don’t Reopen; It’sRobert Kremer tells us he doesn’t know whether or not he’ll reopen his 41-year-old go-go dive.
  3. Closings
    41-Year-Old Pussycat Lounge Is Closed by CityOne of the city’s few pre-Giuliani holdouts and a survivor of 9/11 is forced to shutter, at least for now.
  4. Reopenings
    Pussycat Lounge Gets a Makeover, Will Start Serving FoodPot roasts and strippers!