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Rob Rhinehart

  1. meal replacements
    Soylent’s Eccentric CEO Is Stepping Aside After Their Not-So-Good YearRob Rhinehart says it’s time to take his meal replacement and “set it free.”
  2. The End of Food
    Soylent Now Available in Ready-to-Drink Bottles, Still Probably GrossThe founder wants to wean people off refrigerator use.
  3. Can It People
    Wine Label Pranksters Strike Again With Canned Soylent GreenBut it hasn’t realized this yet.
  4. Lists
    11 Craziest Parts of The New Yorker’s Soylent Article“We thought about doing Soylent drone delivery.”
  5. The No Food Diet
    Food Replacement Soylent Hits Markets Next MonthThe grey nutritional slurry is about to change lots of lives, or something.
  6. Miracle Diets
    Powder People: Could It Possibly Be Healthy to Eat Nothing But theA number of seemingly smart young guys think so.
  7. Quote of the Day
    ‘Soylent’ Food-Substitute Creator Has More Than $1 Million inHe has no desire to be a billionaire, though, so don’t worry.
  8. No Solids
    ‘Soylent Green’ Now a Real Miracle Diet That Involves No ActualDo you really want to live forever?