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Rob Eshman

  1. Rants
    Jewish Journal Takes NY Times to Kosher School
  2. Mediavore
    Evan Kleiman Calls For More Farm Food in The City; PETA Kills Dancing ShrimpThe Good Food host seeks to increase access to actual good food, while animal rights activists protest a seafood dish in Sacramento.
  3. Oh Sherry!
    Twitter Campaign Criticizes L.A. Times CriticLynn Kim starts a “Virbila Sucks” campaign.
  4. Rants
    Rob Eshman Returns to Clarify His Position on L.A. DiningThe Jewish Journal editor faces the backlash to his recent op-ed.
  5. Caffeine Combat
    Intelligentsia Plans Attack on PasadenaThe gourmet coffee chain will launch a third location.
  6. Lists
    The Jewish Journal Tries to Burst Our Saveur-Blown BubbleDoes L.A. have further to go to fulfill Saveur’s promises?