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  1. Temporary Closings
    The Health Department Shut Down Joe’s Shanghai Over a Roach InfestationThe restaurant’s midtown location intends to reopen by Saturday.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Sam Sifton Waxes Philosophical on CockroachesIt’s not the roach itself, he says, it’s what the roach stands for.
  3. Roaches
    Rod Dee Is Roach-yAn unexpected treat in your pad thai!
  4. Filth
    City Shuts Down Rat- ‘n Roach-Filled RestaurantWhat’s in your egg roll?
  5. Customer Complaints
    Nightmare at Dirty Bird To-Go: Roach-tisserie ChickenA customer warns: “DON’T eat at Dirty Bird To Go … Name says it all.”