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River Cafe

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Jaden Smith and Kendall Jenner Dine at Il Mulino Prime; Liv Tyler Tries to SaveThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  2. Reopenings
    Brooklyn’s River Café Has ReopenedThe barge is back.
  3. Reopenings
    River Café Reopens Next WeekGo get some smoked-salmon-wrapped oysters.
  4. Reopenings
    River Café Hopes to Reopen Within a MonthJust one more coat of shellac.
  5. Reopenings
    Unsinkable: River Café Reopens Next MonthThe barge is back in action.
  6. Cleanup
    Six Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Sandy-Damaged Restaurants in New YorkHow to help your favorite spots recover from Hurricane Sandy.
  7. Accusations
    River Café Accused of Anti-Semitism, Is Also Wary of SweatpantsOrthodox Jews, apparently, are told there is a minimum that allegedly does not apply to others.
  8. Financial Woes
    The River Café’s Rent Is, Like, Cheaper Than Yours$6,177 per month!?
  9. Mediavore
    Hugo Chavez Seizing U.S. Bottle Maker; Irwindale Officials Stand Trial ForThe Venezuelan president charges a US. company with worker exploitation and environmental damage, while four city officials are accused of overdoing it at Peter Luger.