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Rio Grande

  1. Closings
    Rio Grande to End Its Temporary Stay at the Renoir Hotel on MondayIt was only supposed to be temporary, and it only lived ten months.
  2. Giants
    Rio Grande Opens Early for Giants Victory Parade; Fifth Floor Serves a ScutaroGo Giants!!
  3. The Other Critics
    Bauer Returns to Underwood in Graton; Hirsch Gets Sassed at Red Door Café;Also, Virginia Miller offers her take on Rio Grande and Big.
  4. Booze You Can Use
    Rio Grande Serves Machine-Chilled Old Fashioneds on TapAlso, they’ve got a tequila-and-bourbon drink that’s a tribute to the Mexican border.
  5. Nonstaurants
    SF FoodLab Debuts Tomorrow With Puerto Rican Pop-Up on Mid-MarketThey’re ready for their close-up a week early.
  6. Nonstaurants
    A Mid-Market Hotel Plots a New Bar, Pop-Up Venue, and BoutiqueIt includes FoodLab, a pop-up venue, and Rio Grande, a cocktail bar from the Bon Vivants.