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Rick Tramonto

  1. Events
    What To Do On Monday Night: Common Threads World FestivalArt Smith’s Common Threads has big event tonight.
  2. Chefs
    Is Rick Tramonto Planning Something in Chicago? Maybe Kinda Not Really Yet.Rock Tramonto has Chicago on his mind again.
  3. Empire Building
    Rick Tramonto Planning Return to ChicagoTramonto may open a new restaurant in Chicago by next summer.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Tickets Now Available for Green City Market Barbecue; Rick Tramonto Returns toPlus: Hannah’s Bretzel expands weekend hours.
  5. Empire Building
    Rick Tramonto’s New Orleans R’evolutionRick Tramonto makes it official.
  6. Fast Food
    Rick Tramonto Teams Up with Wendy’sThe former head chef of TRU is getting into the fast food salad business.
  7. Exits
    Rick Tramonto Leaves Tru, Replaced by Anthony MartinThe chef has other projects in the works.
  8. Quote of the Day
    What’s the Big News Rick Tramonto?Rick Tramonto is being mum.
  9. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: All in the FamilyThe cheftestants make really fancy fruit plates and visit the set of ‘Modern Family.’
  10. Oddities
    What, No Bay of Bayless?A sci-fi young-adult novel pays homage to Achatz, Trotter, and more
  11. Chef Shuffle
    Tim Graham Out, Anthony Martin in at TRUThere’s a chef shake-up at Tru.
  12. Foodievents
    What to Eat at Harvest in CarmelSome chefs from the Bay Area and Los Angeles give a preview of what they’ll be making for this weekend’s tasting event.
  13. Chef Worship
    Does it Matter if Celebrity Chefs are Actually in the Kitchen?Grant Achatz wonders what’s more important as a celebrity chef: being in the kitchen, or glad-handing in the dining room? Some self-professed “culinary groupies” might hold the answer.
  14. Beef
    ‘Top Chef’ Guest Judge Denies All Relations With Frozen ScallopsRick Tramonto never even met those frozen scallops!
  15. Mediavore
    Get Your $95 Beer in Brooklyn; Molecular Gastronomy Becoming More Expensive?A $95 bottle of beer, why thieves are stealing fryer grease from fast-food restaurants, and more, in our morning news roundup.