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  1. The Food Police
    City of Richmond To Be The First to Vote on a Soda TaxA penny-per-ounce penalty seeks to help fund playgrounds, sports fields, and an anti-obesity program for kids.
  2. Mediavore
    Even More Places Have Chef’s Tables; Paula Deen to Do American Idol?
  3. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Loves Baker & Banker’s Subtlety; Bauer Gets ‘Nudged’Kauffman loves Baker & Banker; Reidinger praises the restraint of The Richmond; Bauer kind of hates Delarosa.
  4. Mediavore
    Trout is the New Salmon; Richmond Bans Plastic Foam
  5. Beef
    Rockit Room Boycott BrewingAfter hosting a singer with a homophobic song in his catalogue, the venue faces growing wrath online.
  6. Anniversaries
    Richmond’s ‘Home of the Hamburger’ Turns 50Richmond diner quietly passes a half-century.
  7. Hours of Operation
    Mazu Now Open for DinnerThey opened for lunch just three days ago, but have decided to stay open through the evening despite the lack of a liquor license.
  8. Mediavore
    Richmond Restaurant Shooting; Winning Mac and Cheese Recipe
  9. User’s Guide
    Dine Al Fresco in the Fog BeltAl fresco neighborhood dining guide will be great on both sunny days of the year in the Richmond.
  10. Funnies
    Hot Dog Art Contest Wants YouEnter your artwork and maybe get immortalized on a hat.
  11. Previews
    Mazu in Deep DIY Construction Mode; Gussie’s On DeadlineTwo new projects near completion but delays run rampant.
  12. Pho Tu Do Changes Hands in the Richmond
  13. Mazu to Open, Liquor License or No
  14. Virtual Reality/New Reality At Cliff House
  15. StarbucksGate: Judgment … Tonight!
  16. San Francisco’s Anti-Starbucks History
  17. The Morning Updates: The ‘Other’ Side Of The City
  18. Digesting The Reviews: Chapeau Pleases, Keeps Its Stars
  19. The Promo Department: Escaping The Game
  20. Which Neighborhood Has The Best Food?
  21. The Morning Updates: Asian Favorites In The Richmond Edition