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Restaurant Rows

  1. Lists
    Stateside Missing From Food & Wine’s East Passyunk Ave. List;If the buzz hasn’t already been blown up for Serpico, it is now.
  2. Coming Soon
    Miles Table Opening Amid a Restaurant Boom on the West Side of South StreetThe offshoot of Catering By Miles will be the latest arrival along the once underutilized stretch.
  3. Restaurant Rows
    Art Museum Neighborhood Has Tons of Awesome Places to Eat and Drink; The MuseumsWith an influx of new, reputable restaurants, the neighborhood is shaping up as a proper restaurant row.
  4. The Waiting Game
    Fond Wraps Service on Passyunk Ave.; Reopening Later This Week Around the CornerThe restaurant’s second act opens on December 6.
  5. Restaurant Rows
    Ralic’s and Redwood Shows There’s Some Signs of Life on South StreetOnce the hippest street in town, South Street’s taken a beating in this bum economy.
  6. No Parking
    East Passyunk Ave.’s Acme Cracking Down on ParkingThe spacious lot is awfully appealing when looking for a place to park your car.
  7. Chef Shuffle
    Christopher Lee Planning a Return to PhiladelphiaLee has his sights set on a spot along East Passyunk Avenue’s booming restaurant row.
  8. Coming Soon
    Table 31’s Chris Scarduzio Heads South For His Next ProjectThe restaurant will be a while, because Artisan Boulanger Patisserie is still awaiting its move.
  9. Openings
    BlueCat Now Serving Latin-Inspired Fare on Fairmount Ave.It’s just one of the latest restaurants to open in the neighborhood.
  10. Closings
    Say Au Revoir to Le Bec-FinIt’s truly the abrupt ending of an era.
  11. Coming Soon
    Lemon Hill Aims for a December 26 OpeningThe collaboration from Supper’s Mitch Prensky and Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.’s Mike Welsh takes its nmae from the nearby Fairmount Park mansion.
  12. Restaurant Rows
    Details (Kind of) Gets It Right About Thirteenth Street; East GirardRestaurant Rows are blowing up all over the city.
  13. Openings
    Vetri and Chez Panisse Alum Joey Baldino Gets Zeppoli Ready For an AugustThe new restaurant, Zeppoli, will open later this month.
  14. Closings
    1601 Closed For ‘Administrative Glitch’ with PLCBThere’s still now word on whether the closing is temporary or permanent.
  15. Restaurant Rows
    Two New Restaurants Are on East Passyunk Ave.’s HorizonThe two new spots add to the row’s expanding restaurant scene.
  16. Restaurant Rows
    Go North (Broad) Young RestaurateurThe area between Spring Garden and Temple University is poised to become a restaurant row.
  17. Oh By Georges
    As If No One Saw This Coming: Perrier Will Keep Le Bec-Fin Open After AllLe Bec-Fin, which is kind of like the Jurassic Park to Stephen Starr’s ever-expanding Disneyworld, will remain open.
  18. Slideshow
    First Look at La Seine, Opening MondayLa Seine opens in Beverly Hills, with Alex Reznik at the helm.
  19. Restaurant Rows
    South Street’s West Side Emerges as a Restaurant RowA slew of new bars, restaurants and cafes are opening there in the coming months.
  20. Mediavore
    Three-Alarm Fire Damages Deli; Work Underway on Fenway’s Restaurant RowPlus: conservatives attack Campbell’s, Coca-Cola gets sued and more in our morning news roundup.
  21. Deals
    As One Restaurant Week Fades, Another Restaurant Week RisesAs if this latest Restaurant Week hasn’t provided enough to chew on.
  22. Closings
    As One Door Closes a Stall Opens For Once Mighty Restaurant RowersPerhaps Perrier will follow former neighbor Susanna Foo and open a farmers market stand.
  23. Questions
    Relocating Restaurant RowIs Walnut Street over?
  24. fire damage
    Peterborough Street Restaurateurs Play Game of ‘Hurry Up and Wait’Restaurateurs still haven’t begun to rebuild after January fire.