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Restaurant Opportunities Center

  1. worker pay
    Report Finds San Francisco Massively Underpays Minority Restaurant WorkersWhite workers on average earn $6.12 more per hour, the worst disparity in the country.
  2. Beef
    Fat Salmon Workers Stage Walkout to Protest Tip Skimming and Other WorkplaceWorkers allege wage theft and retaliation for concerted activity.
  3. Flu
    Restaurant Opportunities Center and Thomas Jefferson University Offer Free FluThe fact that Restaurant Week is happening amid the worst flu epidemic in years isn’t very reassuring.
  4. Reports
    Restaurant Opportunities Center Drops Its National Diners’ Guide toThe release of the new guide also sees the debut of free smartphone app.
  5. Studies
    Study: Restaurants Treat Female Employees Even Worse Than They Treat DudeAs grueling as the work may be, it’s even worse for women.
  6. Beef
    Despite ROC Findings, Kenney and Other City Council Members Dine at CapitalThough the report calls out the chain for its unfair practices, City Council members still chose to eat there.