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  1. report
    Why Have Restaurant Menus Gotten So Simple?Call it the great pare-down.
  2. reopening
    Study: 51 Percent of Small Restaurants Couldn’t Pay September RentThe restaurant industry is still in deep trouble.
  3. restaurant industry
    Americans Are Eating Out Less — Should Restaurant Owners Be Worried?Where have all the diners gone?
  4. lists
    The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List Will Try to Fix Its Most Glaring FlawThe group’s director says it starts with making sure there’s more gender equality among voters.
  5. awards
    This Year’s James Beard Awards Were a Victory for DiversityIn a welcome change, more than two-thirds of the winners were women and minorities.
  6. restaurant woes
    NYC Restaurateurs Demand a Bill Surcharge to Offset Rising Business CostsMore than 200 restaurants are asking de Blasio to let them charge a 3 to 5 percent “admin fee.”
  7. Chefs and Critics Are Fed Up With Gordon Ramsay’s Cartoonish Bully ActIt’s time for the man who built his career on abuse to find a new shtick.
  8. sexual harassment
    A New Report Details the Abuse Servers Tolerate for Better TipsThe power imbalance and subjective nature of tipping culture forces servers to endure behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated in other workplaces.
  9. up in smoke
    The Booming Marijuana Industry Is Making It Harder for Restaurants to Find HelpColorado chefs blame weed gigs that pay $20 an hour to relax in climate-controlled grow houses.
  10. sexual harassment
    How the Restaurant Industry Is Reacting to the Batali Sexual-Harassment Report“Maybe this’ll mark the end, finally, of our 30-year-old notion of the rock-star-y super chef.”
  11. sexual harassment
    Restaurants Have More Sex-Harassment Claims Since 1995 Than Any Other Industry10,057 reports, to be exact.
  12. mental health
    Guardian Story Sparks Real Talk on Chefs and DepressionAccording to a new survey, a quarter of chefs now drink to get through shifts.
  13. sexual harassment
    Industry Reactions to John Besh’s Sexual-Harassment Allegations“So restaurant folks. Where does it go from here?”
  14. the chain gang
    Restructuring of Applebee’s and IHOP May Cost Thousands of Employees Their JobsThe parent company estimates that as many as 160 locations could close.
  15. good news
    The Restaurant Industry Added a Surprisingly High Number of Jobs Last YearA federal report says it grew by 313,000 jobs, more than the entire health-care industry.
  16. The Pot Industry Is Still Stealing Colorado’s Restaurant WorkersRestaurants can’t afford to keep losing staff to jobs that pay $22 an hour, plus benefits, in a greenhouse.
  17. workplace stress
    One of the World’s Best Restaurants Now Makes Staff Attend TherapyEl Celler de Can Roca’s employees meet with a psychologist once a week to “try to defuse emotions.”
  18. hard times
    Restaurants’ Rising Prices Are Driving More People to Eat at HomeA third of Americans are dining out less often than they were three months ago.
  19. the chain gang
    America’s Independent Restaurants Are Closing at an Alarming RateAnalysts call it “the most significant drop” since the recession.
  20. the chain gang
    Tight Job Market Now Has Fast-Food Chains Headhunting WorkersThey’re being offered free meals, paid days off, and sometimes even higher wages.
  21. recession
    Restaurant Industry’s Sales Somehow Got Even Worse in DecemberIt could be the only time in 2016 that the entire industry posted negative sales growth.
  22. the chain gang
    Olive Garden Says It’d Sure Be ‘Helpful’ If More Chains Went BankruptIndustry struggles have gotten so real that companies are now rooting against one another.
  23. bad news
    Analysts Warn Restaurant Industry Is Headed Toward a Bad RecessionIt’s been an awful quarter.
  24. Staffing Issues
    Chefs Still Can’t Find Enough Good Cooks for Their KitchensThe downside of a booming industry.
  25. Menus
    Blvd 16 Offers Tasting Menu to L.A. Restaurant WorkersSimon Dolinky offers a deal to chase Restaurant Week.
  26. Beef
    What to Expect From Anthony Bourdain’s Medium RawThe sequel to ‘Kitchen Confidential’ is coming in 2010!