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  1. BYGGYZ Sandwich Shop Gets a Second ChanceSliced-bread maverick Dewey Dufresne says he’s seeking new investors.
  2. News
    The Bakery Threatened by an Incoming Dunkin’ Donuts Will Get to StayThe owner’s rent increased by 15 percent.
  3. Relocations
    Here’s Subway Inn’s New AddressThe Salinas family promises an “exact replication.”
  4. News
    Subway Inn Will Close in December, But Its Owners Vow to Relocate by Early 2015“Our move and replication is expected to take approximately 10 weeks to complete,” writes co-owner Steven Salinas.
  5. Evictions
    Subway Inn’s Eviction Order Blocked Yet AgainNow head over there right now and get a celebratory beer.
  6. Reprieves
    Judge Temporarily Halts Subway Inn’s Eviction Proceedings“We know that this is just the first step in a very long and hard David Vs. Goliath Fight.”
  7. Reprieves
    El Sombrero Keeps Hat on, for NowThe Hat holds on.
  8. Reprieves
    Fondue Stube’s Not Closing for a While, ActuallyA February closing date gets pushed back to “late 2010.”