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Rent Hikes

  1. alphabet city
    What New York Will Lose If Casa Adela ClosesThe Loisaida favorite is facing a rent hike.
  2. not actually closing
    For Once, High Rent Hasn’t Forced a New York Institution to ShutterSparks Steak House will not have to move after all.
  3. rent hikes
    Sparks, One of New York’s Best Steakhouses, Could See Its Rent DoubleJust in time for its 50th anniversary.
  4. Rent Hikes
    That $8-a-Bottle Artisanal-Mayo Store Is Getting Priced Out of BrooklynSNL’s follow-up skit practically writes itself.
  5. Fighting Back
    A Brooklyn Bodega Is Protesting Rent Hikes With an ‘Artisanal’Boerum Hill’s newest destination for hand-cured salumi tubes.
  6. Rent Hikes
    West Village Restaurant Cowgirl Faces Uncertain FutureMaybe it’s time to go check in on that Frito pie, anyway.
  7. Beef
    43 Olvera Street Merchants Protest Rent HikesBusiness like La Casa Goldrina could be served with eviction notices.