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  1. recoveries
    José Andrés Says Armed Guards Booted Him From FEMA BuildingThe situation was tense in Puerto Rico.
  2. recoveries
    José Andrés Announces He’ll Scale Back His Puerto Rico Relief EffortsThe chef has so far served nearly 2 million meals.
  3. recoveries
    Chef José Andrés Has Fed More Than 1 Million People in Puerto RicoHis team is serving 120,000 meals per day out of 15 pop-up kitchens.
  4. recoveries
    José Andrés Is Fast on His Way to Feeding 500,000 Hungry Puerto Ricans“We’re going to do 200,000 meals a day, no problem.”
  5. recoveries
    José Andrés Has Served 50,000 Free Meals and Counting to Hungry Puerto RicansHe’s moved his kitchen base into the island’s biggest stadium.
  6. Chef José Andrés Gives Trump Free Lesson on How You Help Hungry Puerto RicansFor one, it starts by going there.
  7. recoveries
    Chipotle Figures, Why Not Give Away Another $20 Million in Free Burritos?They’re offering 20-person burrito parties for loyalty-program users.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle’s Problems Dumped 3 Years of Growth Down the DrainThat’s a lot of lost burritos.
  9. Recoveries
    Blue Bell Finally Identifies One Source of Its Massive Listeria OutbreakAnd the ice-cream company assures everyone things are taken care of, even if it’s not precisely sure of every problem that caused a months-long shutdown.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Analysts Say Chipotle Won’t Recover Till 2018Those burrito coupons are reportedly worth $62 million of freebies.
  11. Recoveries
    Chipotle Is Giving Out 21 Million More BurritosAn executive says the empty stores are getting “kind of eerie.”
  12. Recoveries
    Chipotle Is Scrambling After Its First-Ever Quarterly LossIt hired a food-safety czar and is reportedly trying out precooked beef.
  13. Recoveries
    Fear of Chipotle Is Slowly WaningSurvey respondents say their “willingness to eat at Chipotle” is increasing.
  14. Recoveries
    Japan Begins Road to Recovery After Massive Nationwide French Fry ShortageIt’s just a matter of time before “fry parties” can return.