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  1. Mediavore
    Philadelphia Officials Confiscate Cupcake Trucks; Try Fried Salad at the TexasThe city is confiscating cupcake trucks; are the disobedient cupcake entrepreneurs to blame?
  2. TV Land
    Breaking: The Great Food Truck Race Finals Shooting in New York ThisWant to know who made it to the finals of the Food Network’s as-yet-unaired food-truck reality show?
  3. TV Land
    Bravo Serves Up Yet Another Cooking-Competition ShowThink of it as ‘Iron Chef’ meets ‘The Next Iron Chef’ meets ‘Top Chef’ meets ‘Top Chef Masters’ meets ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ meets ‘Throwdown’ meets ‘Chopped.’
  4. TV Land
    Food Network Announces Private Chefs of Beverly HillsAn attempt to tap into the ‘Real Housewives’ zeitgeist?
  5. TV Land
    NBC Green-lights New Cooking Competition From Top Chef ProducersGet ready for ‘The United Plates of America.’
  6. TV Land
    Bleeding Heart Bakery Lands A TV Pilot!A reality show chronicling the day-to-day life of an organic, punky bakery may be coming to Planet Green.
  7. Video Feed
    PBS Premiers The Wine MakersWatch the trailer for PBS’s oenophile reality show.
  8. Lawsuits
    Philippe to Mr. Chow: We’ll See You on Reality TV!Philippe Chow has challenged Mr. Chow’s chefs to a cooking competition.
  9. TV Land
    Amy Sacco Gets a Bravo Show, But What About Top Doorman?Think about it…
  10. As Seen on TV
    Chopping Block Rocks! Sucks!’Times’ television critic Alessandra Stanley has seriously revised her opinion of the show.
  11. As Seen on TV
    Chopping Block ChoppedThree episodes, and Marco Pierre White’s baby is put to bed.
  12. Head for the Hills
    Staying On-MessageOMG, it’s Whitney Port! In the West Village! At Extra Virgin, OMG.
  13. FoodTV
    You Are SO Ready to Be ‘The Next Food Network Star’It’s casting time — your shot to be marginally famous among a niche group for a short period of time! Live the dream.
  14. Dancing in the Dark
    Rocco’s Hips Don’t LieSo far, the chef has survived not one, but TWO nights of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’
  15. Dancing in the Dark
    Rocco DiSpirito: Always Dancing, Always a StarIn honor of his dance-floor debut tonight, the chef talks about how he busts a move.
  16. Winners and Losers
    Padma and Tom Robbed at Emmys!At the Primetime Emmys, ‘Top Chef’ lost out to Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘Amazing Race.’ Hollywood can only love its own, we guess.
  17. Top Shill
    ‘Top Chef’ Product-Placement Numbers RevealedOf the cable programs featuring the most product placement, ‘Top Chef’ comes in at a respectable third place with over 9,000 instances in the first half of the year.
  18. NewsFeed
    Which Restaurateur Is ‘America’s Toughest Boss’?A new reality show claims to know.
  19. NewsFeed
    Whom Do You Want to See on ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’?A new NBC series will feature celebs as dinner hosts.
  20. NewsFeed
    The Frying Pan Still Adrift in a Sea of Red Tape Last winter we reported that the Frying Pan had lost its lease and was moving three blocks uptown. The little party boat that could has indeed made the move to Pier 66 at 26th Street, and though at one point it was set to open June 1, a call to Angela Krevy, wife of owner Steve, reveals that lease negotiations with the Hudson River Park Trust are taking longer than expected. “You can’t fight City Hall,” Krevy quipped, “And you can’t speed it up, either.” But is this more than simply a matter of red tape?
  21. Mediavore
    Marco Pierre White Sets Himself on Fire With Flaming CocktailJust another night at the Spotted Pig: Marco Pierre White, trying to demonstrate a flaming cocktail to Mario Batali, Tony Bourdain, and friends, sets himself on fire, gets doused with wine and Champagne, and stabbed in the hand. [NYP] Related: Batali, Bourdain, and Ramsay Mentor to Finally Take on America? [Grub Street] There are so many high-end restaurants looking for good ingredients that the world will literally run out of them, a world-famous Australian chef claims. [Australian News] Utterly dependent as it is on illegal workers, the restaurant industry is lobbying hard against the new immigration bill in Congress. [Nation’s Restaurant News]