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  1. openings
    Ray’s, the TikTokiest Faux Dive in New York, Expands to Greenpoint“The worst part is that it’s going to be wildly successful for sure.”
  2. openings
    Can a Famous Actor and 3 Nightlife Experts Really Open a New Dive Bar?At Ray’s, the only thing missing is a decade or two of bad housekeeping.
  3. Leftovers
    Ricky’s Fish Tacos Closed in Silver Lake; After-Party Tonight With MarcusThe beloved Baja taco maker is gone until further notice.
  4. Grub Guide
    Eight L.A. Restaurants That Grow Their OwnFrom Niki Nakayama’s organic Japanese garden to John Sedlar’s rooftop of aeroponic towers, these chefs deserve appluase for their extra efforts in bringing freshly plucked produce to our plates.
  5. Slice
    ‘Famous Roio’s’ Doesn’t Have the Same Ring, but MaybeRay’s is renamed.
  6. Happy Birthday!
    Spice Table and Ray’s Both Celebrating First Birthdays Next WeekBryant Ng will revisit his foie gras satay and Kris Morningstar will make chorizo-stuffed chilies.
  7. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Test Kitchen Returns With Five Chefs in One Night at Short OrderA one-night-only affair sees the return of 2010’s biggest rotating pop-up.
  8. Foodievents
    Ray’s Pairs New World Menu With LACMA’s ‘Contested Visions’ ExhibitKris Morningstar plans a four-course menu full of cocoa, purple corn, masa, and chilies.
  9. Pie Tidings
    Famous Original Ray’s Takes Over Famous Ray’s SpaceThey’re different pizza places, despite the very similar names.
  10. L.A. Diet
    Wilshire Chef Nyesha Arrington Eats Lou Malnati’s Pizza and Drinks With Andy“What’s awesome is that two out of six are chefs, but we’re taking these ordinary ingredients and plating them. And then we all sat around and watched Top Chef, and they all laughed at me.”
  11. Foodies With Benefits
    John Sedlar, Kris Morningstar, Samson, and Pollack to Cook Together Over TheThe chefs, all recently lauded by Esquire will collaborate on three different menus on three consecutive Mondays.
  12. L.A. Diet
    Film Critic Elvis Mitchell Eats Spicy Short Ends and Drinks Coke With a Cigar“I try to damage any healthy consumption with either tobacco or sugar.”
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    Sauce Opens on Rivington; Bubby’s Brooklyn Serves MarkPlus: Stop by No. 7 in Fort Greene for $5 Carolina-inspired sandwiches made by the Fat Beagle.
  14. Mediavore
    Vitamins May be Harmful; Joe Jonas Loves Susan FenigerThe nutritional supplements are found to be potentially damaging in older women who are not nutrient deficient.
  15. Closings
    The True, Original Ray’s Pizza Set to Close at the End of the MonthNot that this will stop all the other Ray’s from fighting.
  16. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Remembers Joan Luther; Morningstar Scores With VirbilaThe L.A. Times boosts the new Patina restaurant at LACMA, while The L.A. Weekly eulogizes a dearly departed force.
  17. Morningstar Musings
    Morningstar Would Make Ray Stark ProudEven if he doesn’t come up with a good take on oatmeal!
  18. The Other Critics
    Gold Meets The Noodle Guy; Merrill Shindler Chooses Chun ChonThe L.A. Weekly critic also takes a first bite at Ray’s and declares Morningstar the current market menu master.
  19. Deals
    Ray’s Introduces Ten-Dollar Dish MondaysA two-week offer finds Kris Morningstar signatures and new creations at a nicer price on Mondays.
  20. Celebrity Settings
    Magic Johnson Entertains at Gladstone’s; Will Ferrell Dines at Ray’sThe great Laker entertained two companions over the catch-of-the-day while Ron Burgundy dropped in on Kris Morningstar at LACMA.
  21. Slideshow
    First Look at Ray’s and Stark Bar, Open Next FridayIt’s nice to see whimsical chef Kris Morningstar back in the kitchen with creations like burger benedict and corned beef tongue.
  22. Chef Shuffles
    Patina Names Kris Morningstar Exec Chef at Ray’s and Stark’sThe chef is preparing a menu with Joachim Splichal.
  23. Coming Soon
    Renzo Piano and Patina Behind Ray’s and Stark Bar at LACMAA farm-to-table menu will find its way into a 1,440 square-foot box of glass and concrete.
  24. Slideshow
    Introducing the Pizza Wallet, and How to Eat ItThanks to Kesté’s portofolio pie, the street-pizza situation is only getting better.