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Raul D’aloisio

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    Triumph of the Dulce de Leche con BrownieEarlier this month we told you about Adam Riff’s heartfelt effort to persuade Cones to offer dulce de leche con brownie. According to a deal he made with the owners, if he managed to send 50 people into the shop to request the flavor, the folks in charge would make him a special batch. We’re pleased — in a highly objective, journalistic way, of course — to inform you that Riff reached his goal shortly after our report, and owner Raul D’Aloisio kept his end of the bargain and made the gelato last week.
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    The Single Most Important Thing You Will Do This Summer We’ve witnessed some harsh attacks on food, glorious food, this year—from the ban on trans fats to the temporary closing of our beloved Inhouse Nosh. And, truth be told, we were getting a little discouraged. But last week we received news of a campaign that’s actually quite sweet. Since January, 24-year-old Adam Riff has been trying to persuade the owners of Cones to introduce a flavor called dulce de leche con brownie, and on Thursday, he e-mailed a couple hundred people* hoping to rally support. “I’m a simple man with simple pleasures and a serious sweet tooth,” he wrote. He then provided explicit instructions, which follow.