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  1. Ra-Ra-Rasputin
    Coney Island Avenue’s Doomed Rasputin Goes by ‘Romanoff’ NowThe tsar triumphs, sort of.
  2. Coming Soon
    More Details and a Peek at Onegin, Opening on Sixth Avenue Later This MonthThe Russian place is not affiliated with Rasputin after all.
  3. Openings
    Brooklyn’s Rasputin Opening Manhattan Spinoff Called OneginOne of Brooklyn’s flashiest restaurants, Russian or not, is opening a new one in Manhattan.
  4. Lists
    Twelve Restaurants Where You Definitely Won’t Be Bothered by Crying KidsWe called every nice place we could think of and got the definitive list of who does, and (more importantly) doesn’t, allow crying kids into their dining rooms.
  5. TV Land
    Rasputin Owner Lands Spot on Brighton Beach Reality ShowIt’ll be about Russian women dating, partying, and working in Brighton Beach.
  6. At the Movies
    Relish Lives! (on the Big Screen, Anyway)‘Going the Distance’ offers one last look inside the shuttered diner.