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  1. produce section
    The Ramps Are Here, and This Year, That’s Actually ExcitingPeople will tell you ramps taste like stronger leeks or garlicky scallions, but what ramps actually taste like is anticipation.
  2. odoriferous
    Here Come the RampsEat some and no one will venture within six feet of you.
  3. grub guides
    Where to Partake in New York’s Glorious Ramp Bounty This SpringRamp pasta, ramp toast, ramp paratha.
  4. predictions
    The Ramps Are Coming (on April 18)Mark your calendars says Greenmarket psychic-farmer Rick Bishop.
  5. Who Stole the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Lovingly Grown Ramps?It took Uli Lorimer the better part of a decade to cultivate his own ramps. It only took a few moments for them to be stolen.
  6. Grub Guides
    Attack of the Ramps: 22 NYC Restaurants Serving Spring’s Most DivisiveNo matter where you stand on the hype (or the backlash), the tiny wild onions are a welcome sign of spring.
  7. Produce
    Greenmarket Ramps Are HereHype-backlash aside, this is a very welcome sign.
  8. Freebies
    Rucola Celebrates Second Anniversary With Free RampsWhat are these ramp things everyone keeps talking about, anyhow?
  9. The Other Critics
    Wings at Dienner’s BBQ Chicken ‘Were Very Impressive’; WhereRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  10. Grub Guides
    Ramp Mania: 24 Restaurants Serving the Sacred Seasonal GreensRampwurst is a very real thing.
  11. Superamp
    How Ramps Became Spring’s Most Popular, and Divisive, IngredientAaron Copeland and Ruth Reichl had something to do with it.
  12. Growing Food
    It’s Ramp Season, They’re Popping Up EverywhereRamps are ramping up!
  13. The Pass
    Where the Ramps Are: Restaurants Serving Spring Vegetables Right NowMorels, fiddlehead ferns, stinging nettles, and more foraged sticks than you can shake a stick at.
  14. Loco For Locavores
    Nathan Volz Ramps Up Spring at 10 ArtsAs sure as snow falls on the second day of spring, ramps are going on the menu tonight.
  15. Spring
    It’s Happening: Spring’s First Fiddlehead Ferns Spotted in the WildThe cutest thing you’re likely going to find on the forest floor all week.
  16. Loco For Locavores
    Is Martha Stewart to Blame for the Scarcity of Ramps?Conservationists used to think foraging would die off with the old-timers, but Stewart had to go and make the movement all mainstream.
  17. In the Magazine
    Adam Platt on Neta; Is Artisanal Brooklyn Food a Sign of the Apocalypse?Plus: how to combat insidious ramps breath, pistachios are having a moment, and more from this week’s ‘New York.’
  18. Video Feed
    Watch Two Singing Waitresses Burn Through Their Tax Refund at BarbutoWith extra sequins and a cameo by Jonathan Waxman.
  19. Quote of the Day
    Vedge Ramps Up the SeasonRich Landau is surprised by diners’ tastes.
  20. In Season
    Here’s the First Ramps Sighting of the SeasonThe elusive wild Appalachian leeks are perhaps the most coveted, if not outright fetishized vegetable of the season.
  21. Super-Seasonal
    Rucola Owners Ramping Up Second RestaurantAnd it’s not called Arugula.
  22. Mediavore
    Foragers Struggle to Find Ramps; Is It Safe to Eat Roadkill?The trendy ingredient is becoming a little scarce these days.
  23. Mediavore
    Delaware Man Gets Jail Time For Exposing His ‘McNuggets’ at MickeyPlus: Is it safe to eat roadkill; and riots break out in Kenya and Uganda over rising food costs, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. In Season
    Ramp Rage: Amanda Cohen Says ‘Ramps Are for Worship, Not for Dinner’“Are you crazy? Cook with the God of All Vegetables whose coming is greeted every spring with hosannas and hymns?”
  25. Mediavore
    Hot Spot Cafe Murder Suspect Nabbed in Seattle; Venice IHOP RobbedNerses Galstyan might be sent back to California while police search for two armed-robbers in Venice.
  26. Mediavore
    Food Service Cuts Proposed for McCormick Place; Ramps Now May Be EndangeredPlus: Japan suspends beef exports, and Southern states looking for economic gain from the Asian carp.
  27. Mediavore
    Ramps on Watch List; Fairway Mulls Upper East SidePlus: outdoor adventures add cooking, and Japan suspends beef exports, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Mediavore
    Papelbon Shills for Dunkies; Ramps on Watch ListPlus: outdoor adventures get cooking, and Japan suspends beef exports, all in our morning news roundup.
  29. Mediavore
    Camden Bar Becomes Daycare Center; Ramps on Watch ListPlus: outdoor adventures get cooking, and Japan suspends beef imports, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. In Season
    The Great Ramp Debate Ramps UpFood writers revolt against chefs running ramp-ant.
  31. Mediavore
    Whale Meat Resurfaces; Machete Hero Saves Woman in Islands Parking LotDNA tests show whale meat served in L.A. and Korea, while police are called to an attack at a Marina del Rey restaurant.
  32. In the Magazine
    Inside Pat LaFrieda’s World; Platt Underwhelmed by FaustinaAlso in this week’s magazine: three new openings, Alice Waters’s vinaigrette, and ramps are finally here.
  33. Mediavore
    Bartenders Go Back to School; UWS Dining Scene Is Getting BetterPlus: Urban gardening’s hidden risks, and Craft goes to Memphis, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Menus
    Menu Surfing: Prepping for Spring, Ko Lunch Still Seventeen Courses DeepPlus: a new reservation strategy.
  35. Mediavore
    Nello Buys ‘Page Six’ on the Cheap; Jody Williams Trying Not toNello’s Nello Ballan gives Richard Johnson a $1,000 gift, and fifteen “Page Six” mentions of Ballan’s restaurant later, the embattled gossip column has the devil to pay. [NYT] Jody Williams claims not to have read Frank Bruni’s review of Morandi, though she knows that people are laying odds on the date of her departure. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine] Related: Not So Bene [NYM] Restaurant-industry lobbyists express a not-unexpected disappointment with the federal minimum-wage increase passed by Congress, finding it “entirely out of place” in a war-spending bill. [Nation’s Restaurant News]
  36. What to Eat Tonight
    A Not-So-European Union of Soft-Shell Crabs and Pickled RampsWe’re coming into prime-time soft-shell-crab season, and we’re about to leave ramps behind us. So tonight’s special at European Union, sautéed soft-shell crabs with pickled ramps ($16), is something not to miss. The crabs coming up from Maryland are bigger and fatter than the ones seen earlier in the season, one reason chef Akhtar Nawab put the dish on the menu. Says Nawab, “The soft-shells are so nice right now, meaty, sweet, and really soft. They’re alive when we get them. The pickled ramps really cut the richness and tenderness of the crab with a nice garlicky and crunchy bite.” Nawab freely offers that he didn’t invent the idea of pairing ramps with crabs, but EU makes the dish their own by also adding pickled red onions, baby leeks, and (for a trace of sweetness) cipollini onions braised in red wine and honey. Be warned, though — even the meatiest soft-shell crab isn’t going to sate you. Be prepared to order a couple, and think twice about sharing them. In another couple of weeks the dish will be a memory.
  37. At the Greenmarket
    Lobsters Roll In, Fiddleheads Advance, and Ramps RetreatCool weather and rain have made for a slow growing season thus far, while also creating the ideal conditions for fiddlehead ferns, which sprout in damp, wooded areas and more than compensate for sun-bathing weather in our book.
  38. In the Magazine
    New York’s Restaurant Jungle Grows a Little Lusher When spring comes, branches and leaves appear in the most unexpected places. This week’s food coverage is like that: There are no huge openings, analogous to maples or firs springing up overnight, but rather a rich carpet of new sprouts and saplings. Rob and Robin glory in the pig-out that is Resto, the new Belgian restaurant on Park Avenue South; Gael Greene stops in to enjoy the immense, spanking-new Landmarc in the Time Warner Center; David Chang knows just what to do with the long-awaited, precious ramps in In Season; and other unexpected treats, from a waterside barbecue in one of the Short Lists to a slew of spring Openings fill out the foliage.
  39. Mediavore
    Tom Carvel’s Mysterious Death; Tom Valenti’s Awesome Uptown DigsThe old technique of force-feeding geese with a metal tube was the evil secret behind foie gras. Now there’s a new, gentler method: force-feeding them with a rubber tube. [NYT] Tom Carvel’s niece is convinced that her uncle, the late custard king, was murdered, and she wants his body exhumed. [The Journal News] Ouest chef Tom Valenti shows his museumlike 157th Street apartment to the world. [NYP]
  40. At the Greenmarket
    Ramps Signal Spring; Ripe and Runny Cheese Comes Early The pink, white, and green flag of spring has been raised: Little ramplets reared their heads a few inches from the damp earth last weekend, and Greenmarketers are already engulfed in the savory fumes of their oniony funk.