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Ramen Burgers

  1. Cybernoodles
    Here’s How You Can Buy Some Ramen Burgers Online TodayThey’ll run you $8 each and be delivered right to your door this Friday.
  2. Dip
    Japanese Chain Rolls Out Frightening Ramen Burgers With Soup on the SideMaybe this is good for ramen on the go?
  3. Shoyu Enough!
    Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Co. Soft-Opens in Lower ManahattanThe “Brooklyn Blend” is a little bit shio, some shoyu, and some tonkotsu.
  4. Coming Soon
    Keizo Shimamoto Testing Ramen Varieties for Upcoming RestaurantBring on the pork bones.
  5. Pop-Ups
    Hundreds of Hawaiians Wait in Line for Ramen BurgersIt took just a few hours to move 700 burgers.
  6. Pastry UFO
    Here’s a Macaron-Truffle-Brigadeiro Hybrid Headed to Smorgasburg ThisStraight from São Paulo to NYC.
  7. Planned Service Changes
    Dassara Serving Ramen Burgers for One Month OnlyOodles of noodles — and one all-beef patty.
  8. Lines
    Depressing: English People Now Associate ‘American’ Restaurants WithHow long is the wait?