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Ramen Brahmins

  1. Leftovers
    Boiling Crab Coming To Westwood; Dinner Taking Off At Early Bird In FullertonElsewhere, Thierry Perez closes his French market and cafe L’Epicerie.
  2. Ramen Brahmins
    Tsujita Dreams Of Ramen JiroRather than alleviate demand, L.A.’s favorite ramen restaurant imports a controversial style of Japanese noodles.
  3. Air Traffic
    In-Flight Ramen Fight Leads to Passenger’s Arrest at LAXThe Korean business class traveler struck a flight attendant in the face after deeming his ramen “too salty half-cooked.”
  4. Deals
    Five-Dollar Ramen at HayatemaruIn honor of its anniversary, white miso and Hokkaido ramen will both be offered on discount.
  5. Openings
    Tsujita Annex Opens Thursday To Invitees OnlyIn typical style, the first four days of business will be dedicated to Facebook fans only.
  6. Leftovers
    Casey Lane Brings Pastas to The Parish; Cheese Cave and Valerie ConfectionsPopularized at Tasting Kitchen, the chef’s handmade noodles will now be at his Downtown restaurant too.
  7. Openings
    Hand-Made Udon Invades Little Tokyo at Monzo and TsurumaruAnd yes, they both carry bukkake noodles.
  8. Ramen Brahmins
    Japan To Get a Taste of Real ‘Hollywood Ramen’Ikemen Ramen is opening a branch at Yokohama’s Ramen Museum.
  9. Openings
    A Look Into Hayatemaru Ramen, Now Open in West L.A.The Hokkaido-style ramen made famous in Torrance is now serving in the former home of Raku.
  10. Leftovers
    Guy Fieri Invades The Golden State; Nobu Malibu Now Serving LunchAlso, there’s a Chinese restaurant called “Face” coming to Santa Monica.
  11. Quote of the Day
    Andre Guerrero Dreams of RamenThe Oinkster owner is considering a soup noodle concept.
  12. Deals
    Five-Dollar Ramen at DaikokuyaAnd you thought the line was already an endurance test!
  13. Guest Stars
    Mark Peel Making Suckling Pig Liver Ramen at This Is Not a Pop-Up, FebruaryThe chef will offer a $50 five-course menu using offal and an arrangement of classic ingredients served in new ways.
  14. Openings
    Ramen Hayatemaru Arrives In West L.A.The imported chain specializes in miso-based Hokkaido ramen.
  15. The Other Critics
    Gold Drops L.A.’s Top Ramen; Scattergood Seeks Out PorchettaIn Orange County, Brad A. Johnson gives DivBar a sterling review, a day before the chef takes off.
  16. Ramen Brahmins
    Tsujita Artisan Noodle Expanding Across the Street To Miyata Menji SpaceThe new annex will help stem the overflow of hungry ramen-cultists.
  17. Closings
    Maui & Sons Bar & Grill Wipes Out in HollywoodA more timely ramen restaurant is coming in its place.
  18. Leftovers
    Little Fork Opens Friday in Hollywood; La Brea Bakery Reopening at New AddressJason Travi will oversee the kitchen at David Reiss’ new seafood-focused restaurant.
  19. Ramen Brahmins
    Tsurumaru Exploring Udon in Little TokyoSignage also hints there’s a tempura specialty on the way.
  20. Deals
    $3 Ramen Deal at Downtown’s Shin Sen GumiThe deal is good for two days to celebrate its first birthday.
  21. Ramen Brahmins
    Kotoya Ramen to Return on August 21Following a soft-launch, the tonkotsu and tsukemen spot had to pause to handle some exhaust duct issues.
  22. The Other Critics
    Besha Rodell Glorifies Mezze; Gold Returns to Next Door by JosieThe L.A. Weekly critic gives Micah Wexler the standing ovation he deserves.
  23. Closings
    Yujean Kang’s Closed in Pasadena, Mapo Jip Replaced by Isa Ramen in KTownAfter 20 years in business, the chef’s eponymous restaurant is closing to ponder the future.
  24. Ramen Brahmins
    Kotoya Ramen Replacing Rojas Eatery in West L.A.Tokyo-native Shinsuke Horinouch promises a meticulous approach to his tonkotsu ramen.
  25. Foodievents
    Mitsuwa Torrance Offering Four-Day Gourmet Food Fair, Today Through SundaySpecialists from Japan have flown in to prepare their signatures.
  26. Ramen Brahmins
    Two New Ramen Restaurants Help to Saturate SawtelleTatsu and Jinya are now serving Little Osaka, with enough room left for both to garner praise.
  27. Temporary Closings
    Downtown’s Daikokuya Closing Next Week For Ten DaysThis must be the quickest way to get L.A. foodies in a snit.
  28. Ramen Brahmins
    Gardena’s Jidaiya Ramen Labeled An ‘Unctuous Weapon of Pork’Before diving in, SinoSoul takes a second to diss L.A.’s current ramen obsessions first.
  29. Ramen Brahmins
    How Did Ramen Land on the Menu at Brick + Mortar?Chef Laurent Saussy explains his inspiration.
  30. Openings
    Miyata Menji, The ‘In-N-Out of Ramen,’ Opens on Sawtelle TomorrowAn import from Osaka, the menu has just two options.
  31. Reopenings
    Sai Sai Ditches Sushi, Turns Into Stripped-Down Noodle BarNobu vet Jonathan Shin is leading up the recipes in Thomas Ryan’s kitchen.
  32. Openings
    Ramen Jinya Expands to Miracle Mile, Opens Shop TodayRamen expansion comes to Miracle Mile: Ramen Jinya opens second location on Wilshire Boulevard.
  33. Ramen Brahmins
    Torayoshi Ramen Bringing Tonkotsu to KTown PlazaThe opening of this Tokyo-style spot is expected sometime next week.
  34. Ramen Brahmins
    Hand-Made Soba Pop-Up at BreadBar, Soba Restaurant Coming From Japanese GiantThis coming flood of buckwheat noodles is sponsored by Japanese rice giant Shinmei under the cross-cultural exchange program, Common Grains.