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Rahm Emanuel

  1. Video Feed
    Watch Rahm Emanuel’s Appearance on The Great Food Truck Race“This is a great Chicago pizza … though the tomato sauce overwhelms everything else.”
  2. Politics
    Food Trucks and Anti-Gay Chickens: An UpdateThe ongoing debate over the new food truck ordinance and the Chick Fil-A controversy.
  3. Rahm Spotting
    Rahm Spotting: Have You Eaten Next to the Mayor?Mayor Emanuel likes to sample the best of the city.
  4. Rahm Spotting
    How will Mayor Emanuel Change Chicago’s Food Scene?Plus: Where to spot Rahm.
  5. Rahm Spotting
    @MayorEmanuel Celebrates Victory with Manny’sManny’s is where you’re supposed to go after you win.
  6. Rahm Spotting
    Rahm Emanuel’s Dessert PickRahm likes his pecan pie warm.
  7. Rahm Spotting
    Rahm Likes Thin CrustRahm likes his pizza made in hot ovens.
  8. Truckin’
    Rahm is Kind of Okay with Food TrucksRahm may be a fan of food trucks.
  9. WTF
    How Much Does Rahm Emanuel Love Noodles?How much do you love noodles?
  10. WTF
    How to Make Rum EmanuelJust cursing at your drink is close enough.
  11. Rahm Spotting
    Rahm’s Comfort Food PreferenceWhere will Rahm eat next?