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Racist Receipts

  1. terrible customers
    Another Horrible Restaurant Customer Left a Hateful Receipt MessageWhy does this keep happening?
  2. Racist Receipts
    A Restaurant Staffer Was Fired After Serving a Racist Note With Chicken WingsThe cook says the instructions were “meant for my eyes only.”
  3. Racist Receipts
    $1 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Red Lobster Server Who Posted Receipt Online“This can come back and haunt him forever, it’s never, ever going to go away. This has permanently destroyed him, forever,” his mom says.
  4. Kindness
    Red Lobster Server Who Posted Racist Receipt Gets $10,000 TipShe used it to pay off loans and get a working car.
  5. Racist Receipts
    Racist Receipt at Red Lobster Prompts Glut of Amateur Internet SleuthingRed Lobster: for the seafood lover — and possibly racist customer — in you.
  6. Racist Receipts
    2012: The Year in Racist Restaurant ReceiptsFrom “Chinx” to “Lady Chinky Eyes” to “Fat Girls.” Let’s not do this list again next year.
  7. Racist Receipts
    Papa John’s Issues Racist Receipt, Generic ApologyNeedless to say, calling a customer a racist name is a good way to get yourself fired.