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  1. Bigotry
    Racist Holland’s Got Talent Remarks Prompt Cool RestaurantChinese restaurants are taking back “39 with rice.”
  2. Bad Moves
    Woman Douses Customers With Soy Sauce and Chocolate Milk During RaciallyPolice say the woman yelled at customers to “go back to China.”
  3. Paula Deen
    7 Ridiculous Things We Just Learned From Businessweek’s HugeThe celebrity chef ceded control of vast amounts of her empire to friends and relatives.
  4. Mad As Hell
    16 Outraged Paula Deen Fans React to Food Network Firing on FacebookAll of this is Obama’s fault, somehow.
  5. Mea Culpas
    Food Network Drops Paula Deen After She ‘Begs’ for Forgiveness inThe celebrity chef’s video statement is an effort to protect her reputation — and a multi-million-dollar retail empire.
  6. Lawsuits
    Paula Deen Abruptly Cancels Today Interview With Matt LauerThe latest on the Deen and the damage done.
  7. Lawsuits
    Paula Deen Reportedly Planned a Wedding With Waiters Who Looked LikeThe antic Grand Empress of Butter allegedly admits to racist ways.
  8. Racism
    Papa John’s Delivery Driver Proves Racist Pocket Dials Are Much Worse ThanMaybe racist Vine videos are the next frontier in appalling customer relations.
  9. Racism
    South Carolina Restaurant Makes Employees Wear ‘How to Catch an IllegalFear and stupidity at a not great taco restaurant in South Carolina.
  10. Beef
    Falafel Vendors Versus Bay Ridge Merchants Case May Be Headed to CourtRestaurant owners in Bay Ridge claim they are losing too much revenue to curbside food vendors.
  11. Mediavore
    McFadden’s Calls Racism Suit a ‘Work of Fiction;’ Olive OilPlus 15 percent of US households had trouble getting enough to eat last year, and California figures out a way to gauge how local food really is, all in our morning news roundup.
  12. You Can’t Be Serious
    Egg on His FaceA baker is now apologizing for making racially offensive cookies.
  13. You Can’t Be Serious
    Lafayette French Pastry Shop Sells ‘Drunken Negro Face’ CookiesAnd it gets worse.